Alan Dershowitz Calls Out House Democrats For Violating The Constitution With Second Fraud Impeachment

(Tea Party 247) – Constitutional scholar and Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz is calling out the House Democrats for violating the U.S. constitution in their efforts to impeach President Donald Trump—for the second time.

Trump, meanwhile, committed no impeachable offenses, he told Newsmax TV this weekend.

“We all hear that the president is not above the law, but Congress is not above the law: When Congress impeached the president earlier this week, they committed six independent violations of the Constitution,” he explained to the “Saturday Report.”

“They violated the free speech provision. They violated the impeachment criteria. They violated the bill of attainder. They violated due process, on and on and on,” he continued.

Ironically, he also explained, House Democrats, as members of Congress, are protected from legal culpability for their legislative actions and so cannot be sought for the allegations made against them.

Unlike what they’re trying to do to President Trump.

Punishing these lawmakers will have to come in the form of the Democratic process, so voters should take note.

“But the only sanction is to vote them out of office and to bring them to trial in the court of public opinion,” Dershowitz told host Carl Higbie.

“Senators and congressmen are immune from lawsuits for what they do or say on the floor of the Senate, so there can’t be any personal lawsuits,” he continued, adding, “And I wouldn’t favor recriminations.”

For the second time this week, the House voted to impeach President Donald Trump although this time around, they skipped the necessary investigation that should have gone into filing the articles for the first time in history.

Trump now stands accused by all House Democrats and 10 Republicans as being somehow responsible for the riots on Capitol Hill on January 6th.

He’s essentially being politically punished for claiming the election was stolen!

For Trump to have pursued a challenge to the Electoral College is not grounds for impeachment, as Dershowitz made clear.

“How can you impeach a president for a speech that is constitutionally protected?” he asked.

He explained that what should happen is that this flimsy impeachment push should be stopped in the Senate.

This is what happened last time around, when Dershowitz was a member of the Trump impeachment legal defense team.

“The Constitution is very clear, the purpose of impeachment is removal,” he reiterated on Saturday.

He added that Trump will be out of office by the time a Senate trial could even be conceivably conducted, noting that when President Richard Nixon resigned it ended an impeachment trial in the Senate.

“The Senate cannot try an ordinary citizen,” he added.

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