Bombshell: Antifa Thug Turned In By His Own Brother Over Role In Capitol Riot

(Tea Party 247) – You’ve no doubt heard about the Antifa thug who infiltrated the Capitol on Jan. 6 and posed as a Trump supporter. John Earl Sullivan is now in custody after being arrested in Utah on Thursday by the FBI.

The best part about the whole thing is that Sullivan recorded all the evidence anyone needs to prove he was not only at the riot but incited violence, encouraged rioters to scale a wall, damaged a glass window, and celebrated his success with a CNN photojournalist.

Prior to the Capitol attack, Sullivan held an Antifa rally as the founder of the anarchist group Insurgence USA. It’s really quite remarkable that Trump supporters have no history of violence whatsoever and get immediately blamed by the left for the violent attack, while just around the corner Sullivan and a gang of actual insurgent-wannabes are holding a rally.

If anyone should have been immediately blamed for the violence, it should have been Sullivan and his organization. Yet, here we are. Slowly doing the investigating and the digging and the closer look that the mainstream media and law enforcement refuse to do.

The entertaining part is that Sullivan tried insisting to law enforcement and media outlets that he only attends riots to record them and doesn’t actually participate. He called his own bluff with video footage he took himself.

“It’s just recording, solely, and not being active in it,” he told Fox News last week.

Perhaps even more entertaining is the fact that it now appears Sullivan was actually turned in by his own brother.

James Sullivan has reportedly turned in tips on his own brother to the FBI. Perhaps that’s because John Sullivan is a known violent leftist and even his own brother thinks he is a threat and a danger to society.

According to the Gateway Pundit, James told the FBI he believed his brother was not only involved in the riot at the Capitol but that he was somehow in charge.

James Sullivan: “He was going in there to document but he was also part of the Antifa groups.”

John Sullivan is a direct result of the violent, hateful, and intolerant rhetoric of the left. He is the result of the ideology that when you disagree with someone you don’t simply agree to disagree, you get in their face, get violent, harass, threaten, and destroy.

This has been the philosophy of the left since President Trump won the election in 2016. They have encouraged their followers to literally target and harass conservatives and Trump allies.

They have no right now to lecture the rest of us on violence in America. They created violence in America, they have encouraged and celebrated it.

The sad reality is that it will never stop until they denounce and condemn it. But don’t hold your breath, that’ll never happen. Violence is the only way they stay in power.

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