Huge: BLM Aligning “Boogaloo Boi” Leader Bragged About Organizing Armed Insurrection On Capitol Hill

(Tea Party 247) – As is often the case with the mainstream media’s most hysterically pushed narratives, what happened on January 6th on Capitol Hill involved far more than meets the eye.

While the media and the Democrats will loudly tell you it was not only Trump supporters, but basically President Donald Trump himself who stormed the halls of Congress earlier this month, those who actually organized it have been bragging openly about it.

And guess what?

They’re far from hardcore Trump supporters.

The Gateway Pundit has released an explosive exclusive report on archived tweets from “Boogaloo Bois” leader Mike Dunn, an anti-Trump, anti-government militant with sympathies for Black Lives Matter and an open desire to overthrow the federal government.

Oh, no, FBI just keep arresting all those Trump supporters while ignoring these guys.

That’s right—Dunn has yet to be arrested while many Trump supporters who did nothing more than enter the building are facing charges and their whole lives have been ruined.

While rioters invaded the Capitol, Dunn bragged on Twitter that Boogaloo “fireteams” had been deployed within the building to taunt “tyrants” like Trump.

The goal was to “to revel in the breach of security while mocking the defenses that protect tyrants…whether that be Trump or others,” Dunn added.

Later, he issued a statement to Parler claiming responsibility for the breach.

And when it was revealed that Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit had been shot and killed at the scene, Dunn declared that “feds drew first blood years ago” and are “fair game now.”

TGP notes that “While establishment Republicans and Democrats and the mainstream media continue to blame Trump and his supporters for violent riots at the Capitol, they have entirely ignored a Jan. 8 Reuters interview in which Dunn admits ‘three or four groups of loyalists under his command helped storm the Capitol’ and ‘embraced the moment to strike against the government.’”

When he was asked if Boogaloos had planned the attack on the Capitol on January 6th, he said “Just know there is more to come.”

Indeed, that could be the case this inauguration week.

Dunn has also bragged about “infiltrating” MAGA in the midst of the riot and mocked Trump supporters for quietly going home after the incident on January 6th.

“After MAGA and others stormed the capital building in a moment of anger (which was cool)…they retreated to hotels to comply with the Curfew. We obviously didn’t…stayed out in the streets until 12,” he tweeted.

To one respondent on Twitter who had complained that rioters that day had been “infiltrators, not real MAGA,” Dunn bragged, “Yeh, we know.”

The Boogaloo movement is considered by the left to be one of those scary, racist, “far-right” groups but in reality, they align closely with the Black Lives Matter movement and openly resent Trump and his supporters.

Boogaloo cells joined up with the Black Lives Matter protests-turned-riots over the summer.

On Saturday, Dunn was seen in front of the Virginia State Capitol building holding a firearm to protect Black Lives Matter protesters in spite of recently enacted legislation that bans guns at the Capitol.

If he’d been wearing a MAGA hat, they would have called the National Guard in.

But he was there in the name of a leftist cause, so he was apparently totally ignored.

TGP asks the conspicuous question: “Why hasn’t Mike Dunn been arrested by the FBI?”

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