Joe Biden Is Totally Lost, Confused After Delaware Speech — Most Popular President In History?

(Tea Party 247) – President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday unveiled his “science team” and their plan to elevate the Office of Science and Technology Policy to a cabinet position.

However, it was Biden’s fumbling confusion at the end of the speech that may lead many to think that the “science team” should be a bit more concerned about the incoming POTUS’ cognitive abilities than anything else at this point.

Having successfully delivered the speech he planned, Biden set about…well, he had no idea what to do next, apparently.

And we’re supposed to expect this guy got more votes than any other presidential candidate in U.S. history?

The super professional sounding “science team” will be focused on addressing COVID-19, climate change, technology, the economy, and the “long-term health of science and tech” in the U.S.

In other words, a nightmare platform for anyone with even the slightest regard for academic, medical, or simply natural freedom.

“We’re going to lead with science and truth,” Biden declared. “We believe in both.”

“The science behind climate change is not a hoax. The science behind the virus is not partisan. The same laws apply, the same evidence holds true regardless of whether or not you accept them,” Kamala Harris said, slamming climate skeptics.

This is all, of course, the common terminology of the “Great Reset.”

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