Photos: Mike Lindell Leaves White House After Visiting Trump With Very Interesting Documents In His Hands Referencing Crimes, Insurrection Act

(Tea Party 247) – Mike Lindell, one of President Donald Trump’s most full-throated and loyal supporters, was recently photographed leaving the White House after visiting his friend.

He also assured those still holding out hope for something to happen to change the outcome of the 2020 election that President Trump will be President Trump for four more years on social media.

The Washington Times reported that “As of early Friday, the businessman and activist was still insisting President Trump will serve a second term in office.”

“Keep the faith everyone,” the MyPillow CEO posted to Facebook on Friday.

“We will have our president Donald Trump 4 more years!”

The mainstream media, the Democrats, and the establishment right have fully committed to Joe Biden being sworn in as the next President of the United States on Wednesday.

Yet, we know from now months of review that the 2020 election was anything but fair and legitimate.

As you read this, Washington D.C. is locked down with tens of thousands of troops, military checkpoints, Red and Green zones out of fear for attacks on the Inauguration Day proceedings.

However before the January 6th Capitol Hill violence they’re now using to justify such a lockdown, they were canceling Inauguration Day events due to COVID-19, which was also why they kept Joe Biden in the basement for the whole of the general election campaign.

And they expect us to believe he got a historic number of votes?

Yeah, right.

Many have been holding out hope, even now that it seems like the end of the road is close, that Trump will somehow end up victorious in this shamefully scandalous election steal and general Deep State establishment attempt to undermine the will of the American people.

When Lindell was photographed leaving the Oval Office, he had in his hand some folded notes and a coffee.

At least one photographer managed to snap an image of what Lindell’s notes said, which he blew up to view what was on them.

According to The New York Times, the notes included a suggestion about invoking the Insurrection Act, which the president can use to deploy active military troops into the streets among other things.

The wording of the notes also suggests that an Acting National Security position should be named, and something to do with Fort Mead.

They also mention the assault on what could possibly be the Constitution and martial law at “the first hint” of what could be “violence.”

One Kash Patel, who uncovered much of the crookedness and corruption of the Obamagate scandal, is mentioned as being moved to CIA Acting.

Finally, China and Iran’s interference in our election is also mentioned.

On Sunday, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe released a report asserting that China interfered with our election, as it happens.

Better get praying—it’s going to be quite a week.

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