ALERT: Voting Machines Need To Be Banned From Further Use In U.S. Elections Until Shady ‘Adjudication Process’ Is Defined And Corrected

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since the 2020 election, many of the people in this great nation of ours have come to accept that there is a lot of shady, dirty, underhanded things going on behind-the-scenes being carried out by crafty Democrats who are willing to steal power to lord over others. According to a […]

Social Media Videos Show Daunte Wright, Minneapolis Man Shot By Cop, Waving Around Gun And Doing Drugs

(Tea Party 247) – Violent riots took over Minneapolis Sunday night in the wake of another police-involved shooting of a black man. Of course, the media and the radical left portray the victim as just an innocent victim of police “racism” but the reality is that the man shot and killed Sunday by a Minneapolis […]

Horrific Video Shows Police Forcing Special Needs Girls To Be Vaccinated In New Statewide ‘Operation Homebound’ Program

(Tea Party 247) – A horrifying new video coming out of the state of California shows LAPD officers forcibly administering a coronavirus vaccine to a trio of women who are special needs and were resisting the shot. According to the folks at Infowars, the video footage shows an extremely scared special needs woman trying desperately […]

WTH? Scientists From The Pentagon Are Secretly Working To Make Microchip Inserted Under Skin To Detect COVID-19

(Tea Party 247) – Pentagon scientists are apparently working together in a secretive unit to help make a microchip that can be inserted underneath the skin and detect COVID-19 before the body can exhibit symptoms of the illness. According to a new report from Gateway Pundit, Colonel Matt Hepburn, who is an infectious disease physician, […]

Revealed: Zuckerberg Group Bribed Detroit With $7.4 Million To “Dramatically” Expand Votes

(Tea Party 247) – New reports have revealed that a voter advocacy group that is primarily funded by Mark Zuckerberg, founder of social media giant Facebook, “donated” a whopping $7.4 million to the city of Detroit as a means to help them “dramatically expand strategic voter education and outreach” in an area that played a […]

Breaking: New Hampshire Governor Signs SB 43 Into Law Mandating An Audit Of Windham’s Fraudulent 2020 Election Results

(Tea Party 247) – There have been small victories for election integrity all across the country in the wake of the corrupt stolen 2020 election including in some unlikely places. One of those unlikely places is the state of New Hampshire which went narrowly to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and to Joe Biden in 2020. […]

Reporters Reprimand Police Chief For Saying “Riot” When Referring To Violent Minneapolis Riots (Video)

(Tea Party 247) – The left is adamant that only Trump supporters and conservatives “riot.” After the Capitol riot on Jan. 6, the mainstream media and the Democrats decided to take a hard stance against rioting but only certain types of rioting. Their indignation has been comical considering how passive they had been over the […]

100 Top CEOs Plot To Punish States Which Pass ‘Restrictive’ Voting Laws

(Tea Party 247) – America is on the verge of being run by oligarchs. Wealthy, powerful corporate elites are threatening to punish states that adopt stricter laws to protect election integrity in America. It seems as though the elite corporate wokies are in need of a basic civics lesson on how government works in the […]

“A Demented Pervert – Who Can’t Tie His Own Shoelaces Or Know Where He Is” – Sidney Powell Slams Usurper President Joe Biden In Epic Interview

(Tea Party 247) – Attorney Sidney Powell is still in the fight to expose the fraud and corruption that took place during the 2020 presidential election. The left, of course, has done and is continuing to do everything to protect the stolen election. Joe Biden, as we all know, is not a fraudulent president and […]

Jovan Pulitzer Says He Was Offered $10M To Walk Away From Scanning Ballots Work Concerning 2020 Election Results

(Tea Party 247) – Jovan Pulitzer recently made an appearance on “The Professor’s Record” program with Professor David K. Clements from New Mexico State University where he stated during the interview that he had been offered a staggering $10 million to walk away from the efforts he was putting forth to scan ballots and determine […]

No Coincidence: 47-Year-Old CNN/MSNBC Legal Analyst Suddenly Dies Weeks After Receiving COVID Vaccine

(Tea Party 247) – By now you’ve probably made up your mind about whether or not to get the experimental COVID vaccines. If you haven’t, this article will surely make your decision easier. These experimental COVID shots are downright dangerous and we have literally no way of telling what the long-term effects of them will […]

Black Lives Matter Marxist Founder Just Bought Four High End Homes, Complete With Airplane Hangars

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of the last several years but the money really started flowing in after George Floyd’s death last May. What is BLM doing with all that money, you ask? Certainly not using it to financially support the ground […]

Trump Sets Epic Record For Selflessly Losing The Most Net Worth While Serving As President

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump did everything in his power to prove that he was a president for the people while he was in office. Everything he did put America first including his routine donation of his salary. Not only did Trump donate his salary to worthy causes for the entire four years he […]

ADL CEO Makes Call For Cable Companies To Drop Fox News; Says ‘Tucker Must Go’

(Tea Party 247) – Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathon Greenblatt has stated that he believes Fox News and superstar commentator Tucker Carlson “must go” for being bold enough to actually point out how Democrats are going about mass-importing illegal aliens to help expand their voter base. According to Infowars, Greenblatt made an appearance on CNN’s “Reliable […]

House Judiciary Committee Schedules Debate And Vote On Reparations For Black Americans

(Tea Party 247) – Now that the Democrats are in control of Congress and the White House they’re fervently moving to push through their radical agenda. Along with packing the Supreme Court, opening up our borders and coming for our guns, Democrats are eager to pass a reparations bill. The first step in this process […]

David Hogg Ditches Anti-Trump Pillow Company After Two Months And Zero Pillows Manufactured

(Tea Party 247) – Back in the month of February, hardcore anti-gun activist David Hogg stated that he was going to be launching a pillow company that was built upon progressive principles and politics as a means of fighting against Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, who is a very outspoken supporter of former President […]

Former DNI Says Law Enforcement Knows Hunter Biden’s Laptop Is ‘Real,’ And Not ‘Russian Disinformation’

(Tea Party 247) – Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe recently weighed in on the second wave of interest concerning the alleged laptop of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, which is back in the news again due to the fact the younger Biden released a memoir about his troubled past. According to Infowars, […]

More Signs Of Dementia: Biden Embarrasses Himself By Repeatedly Referring To The “ATF” As The “AFT”

(Tea Party 247) – It’s been no secret since his campaign days that Joe Biden is suffering from dementia of one degree or another. The radical left has, nonetheless, stood by him and completely ignored the obvious and telling signs. Not only has his constant gaffes and embarrassing moments never been an issue for the […]

BREAKING: Target Selling Book That Includes Satanic Prayer On Hating White People

(Tea Party 247) – “Tolerant” and “loving” leftists have been vehemently promoting hate for the last several years but their efforts have drastically been ramped up over the course of the last year. Ever since George Floyd’s death in May of 2020, the radical left has gone off the deep-end with dangerous critical race theory […]

Breaking: Iconic Rapper DMX Received Covid Shot Just Before Suffering Fatal Heart Attack

(Tea Party 247) – On Friday, iconic rapper and cultural icon DMX, aka Earl Simmons, died after spending nearly a week in the ICU on life support in critical condition. While his early and untimely death is most certainly tragic, new reports suggest his death may have been preventable. Just prior to suffering a massive […]

Privileged Life: Marxist Founder Of Black Lives Matter Buys Secluded $1.4 Million Dollar Home Near Malibu

(Tea Party 247) – Black Lives Matter has been in hot water with many of their local chapters from around the country. The complaint is always the same. The national Marxist organization has raked in hundreds of millions of dollars over the course of the last several years and they don’t seem to want to […]

Corrupt Hillary Clinton “Linked” To Dubai Nude Public Photo Shoot Scandal Organizer

(Tea Party 247) – Hillary Clinton just keeps popping up in the headlines despite being one of the most unlikable and corrupt women in American history. She is truly one of the most scandalous people of modern times and this latest report is not only bothersome but also reveals just how deep the connections between […]

Biden’s Latest Executive Order Unveils “Commission” On Expansion Of Supreme Court

(Tea Party 247) – One reason we know that Joe Biden and the Democrats stole the 2020 election is because the majority of Americans do not support the idea of packing the Supreme Court to make it more politically active. Joe Biden was repeatedly vague on this issue during the campaign days and would not […]

The UK’s Daily Mail Exposes Hunter Biden Bombshells After Supposed “Tell-All” Book Fails To Tell All

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden should have been a big reason for Joe Biden to lose the 2020 election. Of course, we all know he did, in fact, lose the election. Hunter serves as just another reminder of this. This guy is an absolute train wreck and shockingly the mainstream media […]

Biden Nominee To Head ATF Has Alarming Resume Involving Waco Massacre, Oklahoma City Bombing, Ruby Ridge And Fast & Furious

(Tea Party 247) – On Thursday Joe Biden announced several new executive actions that would limit the American’s access to and ability to own firearms. During his press conference he also announced that he was nominating a radical gun control advocate with a controversial past to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). […]

Radical Left YouTube Purges DeSantis Video With Health Experts On COVID-19 For Violating Policy On “Medical Misinformation”

(Tea Party 247) – The left claims to be the “party of science” but all too often they completely disregard science to promote their crooked, radical agenda. While pretending to care about what the “experts” say, it’s become painfully obvious that leftists only care what “some” experts say and those experts must support their already […]

Chest Pain, Paralysis, Seizures: Woman Details Horrific J&J Covid Vaccine “Side Effects” From Hospital Bed

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID vaccines have been heralded as the answer to the supposed pandemic despite over 98% of people surviving the virus. The only problem, besides the fact that the virus isn’t particularly dangerous, is the fact that the vaccines have not been tested sufficiently enough to claim they are “safe” or […]

NY Will Be Offering One-Time Payments Of Up To $15,600 To Illegals Who Were Put Out Of Work Because Of Pandemic

(Tea Party 247) – The Democratic Party is once again proving that they care very little for the American people by seeking to lift up illegal aliens rather than work toward helping their own people who have suffered massive economic hardship because of the dictatorial policies of left-wing mayors and politicians that shut down the […]

Joe Biden Claims Planes Can Fly 21,000 MPH…. Which Would Make Traveling From New York To LA Only A 7 Minute Ride

(Tea Party 247) – If you don’t think there’s some sort of cognitive decline happening to President Joe Biden, then you aren’t really paying attention to the things he’s saying or doing. Or, maybe, you are aware of his slow slide into the abyss and you simply don’t care, after all, Trump’s not president anymore […]

INSURRECTION? Black Lives Matter Thugs Take Over Iowa Capitol (VIDEOS)

(Tea Party 247) – Militant members of the radical left-wing group Black Lives Matter stormed the Iowa State Capitol in a bold move that if done by alleged Trump supporters would be labeled an “insurrection,” yet seems to be given a pass if the reason for engaging in such activity is motivated by pushing for […]

Texas Gov. Abbott Calls For “2nd Amendment Sanctuary State” Legislation In The Wake Of Biden Gun Control Declaration

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is making good on his promise to infringe upon Americans’ Second Amendment rights despite claiming that’s not what he’s doing. On Thursday, Biden announced his “initial” executive actions on gun control during remarks he made in which he also shamefully disparaged the United States. “Nothing I’m about to recommend […]

Breaking: New Hampshire Senate Stands With House And Passes Bill Mandating Audit Of 2020 Election Results

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since November, conservatives have tried to convince the rest of the general public that the Democratic Party participated in the largest voter fraud scheme of all-time, citing tons of evidence concerning the flipping of ballots to Biden rather than Trump. Tons of video footage exists showing poll workers being shady […]

Eric Bolling Storms Out Of Live Interview: “Because I’m White You Think I’m Racist? That’s BS!”

(Tea Party 247) – Politics in America have become volatile. The left, for years, has insisted that everything is about race and they’re not backing down. Nowadays it’s racist just to be white in America. Of course, nobody born white made the decision to be born white just the same as people of any other […]

Video: Alex Jones Actually Physically Stops Vehicle After Seeing Migrant Children Stuffed Into Luggage Compartment — This Is A Must See!

(Tea Party 247) – Alex Jones is often considered to be a rather controversial figure in the conservative movement, being portrayed in major media, including right-wing outlets, as being a crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. However, this is just an attempt by the left to write off someone who is willing to entertain the […]

“Odds Are Increasing” For Trump To Become U.S. House Speaker Should GOP Take Control In 2022

(Tea Party 247) – It’s nauseating to watch the damage being done to the US by the deranged Democrats and their fraudulent Commander-in-Chief. Everyday it seems the Dems manage to be more anti-American and radical than the day before. The ongoing crisis at the border has not only become a major theme of the Biden […]

Partisan “Protect Democracy Project” Threatening Arizona Auditors Is Connected To Obama, Soros, China And Biden’s DOJ

(Tea Party 247) – The Democrats have made no secret of the fact that they stole the 2020 election from the American people despite pretending not to have done it and vehemently insisting there was “no fraud.” We all know they used the COVID scamdemic as a cover to institute unconstitutional election procedure and rule […]

Speaker Pelosi Rents Office Space To Group Created By Pedophile, But That’s Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

(Tea Party 247) – Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has done a lot of horrific things during the lifetime she has served in political office, but none of that seems to compare to the fact that she’s actually, personally rented office space to a “child welfare group,” First 5 San Mateo County, which […]

New Report Reveals Hunter Biden Roomed With Notorious DC Homeless Woman In What’s Described As A ‘Crack-Addled Version Of The Odd Couple’

(Tea Party 247) – If you’ve ever wished that you could have more of President Joe Biden’s wayward son, Hunter, in your life, we have some good news for you. Apparently, Hunter Biden has released a memoir and it contains tons of drug-addicted strangeness that opens up a window into a troubled soul that is […]

Border Crisis: “They’re Everywhere,” Hundreds Of Illegals Flood Border Towns Daily

(Tea Party 247) – While the corrupt Washington DC elites and the wealthy corporate wokies insist that America has some kind of moral obligation to open our borders and allow suffering migrants to roll in seeking a better life, the reality of the situation along the border is much more grim. There are real Americans […]

Steven Crowder Recreates Death Of George Floyd To Test ‘Knee On Neck’ Theory

(Tea Party 247) – Comedian Steven Crowder is a major voice in the conservative movement, proving that a person can be a pro-family, pro-God, pro-gun, pro-traditional values kind of guy and still be incredibly funny. While being funny seems to come naturally to Crowder, don’t let that put you off. The man is also a […]

Attorneys Ordered To Destroy Seth Rich Evidence By April 28 And Durham’s Office Refuses To Intervene To Preserve It

(Tea Party 247) – In 2016, young Democrat employee Seth Rich was murdered in broad daylight in Washington DC. The incident has been sold as a robbery gone wrong but the reality is Seth Rich had a target on his back and those within the DNC had plenty of motive for wanting him dead. Is […]

MLB Launched Boycott Against Georgia Hosting All-Star Game, Just One Day After Expanding Their Deal With Communist China

(Tea Party 247) – Major League Baseball, the professional organization that supposedly represents “America’s pastime,” has jumped the shark and decided to go full on woke this year, something that’s going to send true patriotic fans of the sport into a downward spiral of depression and disappointment. For a long time, baseball seemed like it […]

Democrat Las Vegas Mayor Ditches His Party, Switching To The GOP, Cites ‘Socialist Takeover Of Nevada Democratic Party’ As Reason For Defection

(Tea Party 247) – The mayor of North Las Vegas, John Lee, has had it with the Democratic Party in his state, announcing on Tuesday that he would be ditching the Democrats and joining forces with Republicans, revealing that his decision to defect is due to the “socialist takeover” of his party. Believe it or […]

Fauci Completely Stumped By Drop In Texas COVID Cases Despite State Ignoring His Advice On Masks, Social Distancing: “It Can Be Confusing… I’m Not Really Quite Sure”

(Tea Party 247) – There has been a whole lot of annoying things that have come about during the global coronavirus pandemic, but none of them compare to having to constantly listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci, supposedly the country’s foremost expert on diseases like this, constantly blabber on and on about masks and social distancing, […]

SKY News Host Shreds Joe Biden Over Latest Gaffes And Falls, Says, ‘Leader Of Free World Is Incoherent’

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since Joe Biden announced that he would be running for the office of president, it was made clear right off the bat that this man was not of sound mind and body. He spent the entire campaign season locked away in his basement, rarely even conducting television interviews to help […]

2+2=5? Why Not? Oregon Department Of Education Promotes Course That Claims Math Is Racist Because It Requires A Correct Answer

(Tea Party 247) – America is in serious trouble if the woke left continues to have their way. Everything has become about race and identity and it’s completely undermining everything America stands for. Has America had issues with racism in the past? Yes, we all know this but America is one of the most tolerant […]

No Media Outrage? Biden Regime Holding 18,000 Illegal Children While Trump’s Max Was 2,600

(Tea Party 247) – After stealing the 2020 presidential election, the fraudulent Biden regime has been pushing the left’s radical agenda and carrying on as if everything is fine and well in America. One of the biggest threats currently facing our way of life is Biden’s open borders policies that have given the green light […]

Apple CEO Tim Cook Wants People To Be Able To Vote With Their iPhones — This Is A Horrible Idea!

(Tea Party 247) – During an interview that was published on Monday by the New York Times, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that he’d love to see American citizens be able to vote using their iPhones in future political elections across the country. It doesn’t take a genius to understand why this little suggestion is […]

Over 1,000 “Woke” Companies Unite Against Election-Integrity Laws As Corporate Hypocrisy Rages On

(Tea Party 247) – Corporate America has seemingly forgotten their place. They exist at the mercy of consumers yet they behave as though their agendas and viewpoints should be of paramount concern to Americans. A conglomerate of more than 1,000 companies standing in opposition of election integrity has formed in response to Georgia’s latest election […]

Border Patrol Suddenly Deletes News Release About Arrest Of 2 Yemeni Terrorists Who Were On FBI Watch List

(Tea Party 247) – A news release that was published on the official website of the U.S. Border Patrol which detailed the arrest of two individuals who snuck across the border and were discovered to be on the FBI terrorist watch list has mysteriously disappeared. According to Infowars, on Monday of this week the […]

Georgia’s Secretary Of State Petitions Court, Says He’d Rather Not Be Forced To Hand Over Ballots. What’s He Trying To Hide?

(Tea Party 247) – Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has sent out a request to the courts requesting that ballot images that were taken from the voting machines used in the election in his state be the only evidence used during an upcoming audit set to take place in Fulton County, Georgia. According to […]

Watch: Calgary Pastor Berates Police Attempting To Interrupt His Church During Passover Celebration: “Get Out, Nazis!”

(Tea Party 247) – Over the weekend, Christians all across the world gathered together in churches to recognize, honor and celebrate the most remarkable and significant event in all of Christianity: the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Naturally, law enforcement in some parts of the world used this as an opportunity to intimate and […]

Armed Gunmen Appear At Georgia Capitol On Monday To Intimidate Law Enforcement, Elected Officials But It’s Ok… They’re With Black Lives Matter

(Tea Party 247) – It’s becoming painfully obvious just how favored the left and all the left’s causes are in the mainstream media. Their agenda and biases and not even remotely subtle. Not only do they shamelessly and emphatically support and promote leftist causes and talking points, they’re fanatically demonizing anyone who dares stand in […]

In A Stunning Display Of Hypocrisy The MLB Requires Photo ID To Pick Up All-Star Tickets After Moving Game From Georgia Over “Racist” Voter ID Law

(Tea Party 247) – Republicans around the country are fighting to secure future elections and ensure that what happened across the US in the 2020 Presidential election never happens again. Meanwhile, Democrats are busy doing what Democrats do which is, of course, nothing positive for the American people. While Republicans are rightfully focused on tightening […]

Arizona Democrats Are Now Attacking Auditors Picked By The State’s Senate To Audit Election Results In Maricopa County

(Tea Party 247) – It seems that the only tactic that Democrats can deploy in their battle against election integrity is to attach those who are trying to ensure that the 2020 presidential election was fair and free, without interference, and that every American voice who cast a ballot was heard. According to a new […]

Woke Logic: Coca-Cola Requires Valid ID To Attend Annual Meeting But Condemns Georgia For New Law Requiring ID When Voting

(Tea Party 247) – State Republicans in Georgia have been fighting to ensure that there is never another stolen election again, at least not in the Peach State. The GOP-led state legislature passed several new laws making it harder to cheat in the state including stricter voter ID laws. Naturally, Democrats and their Corporate America […]

81 Million Vote Getter Joe Biden Greeted By Massive Crowd Of Two Dozen Supporters At Ohio State University Speech (Video)

(Tea Party 247) – Wherever President Trump went throughout the duration of his 2016 campaign and his four-year term in the White House, he was met with massive crowds. His supporters would wait through all manner of inclement weather just to get a glimpse of Trump and if he was holding a rally, supporters would […]

Newsmax Reporter Grills Psaki Over Illegal Aliens Getting Hotel Rooms When National Guard Slept In Parking Garages, Made Sick From Meals

(Tea Party 247) – The fraudulent Biden administration is rolling out the red carpet for illegal immigrants who help move along their radical progressive agenda by checking off the “diversity” box. Meanwhile, the administration has been treating the National Guard troops tasked with protecting the illegitimate regime like dogs. As you recall, back in January, […]

Disturbing: Newborn Baby Wrapped In Plastic Instead Of Mother’s Arms Because… COVID

(Tea Party 247) – It’s truly sad to see how many millions of Americans have been so easily manipulated by the mainstream media and the globalist elites who are dead-set on destroying America. Not only are these deluded Americans OK with the destruction of the greatest country the world has ever seen, they’re cheering it […]

Biden Admin Openly Admits To Flying Illegal Aliens From Southern Border To Red States… Using Your Tax Dollars

(Tea Party 247) – If you have been stunned to see how quickly President Biden’s open border free-for-all dissolved into a full-on crisis with no regard for COVID-19 protocols or the comfort of unaccompanied migrant minors, you may find it makes far more sense to consider that this was all by design than Biden’s incompetency. […]

Kamala Harris Is No Longer Highlighted As A Black Female… Now She’s An Asian

(Tea Party 247) – Kamala Harris is easily the most disliked and unwanted Vice President to ever hold the office. The scary part is, before too long she will likely be the president of the United States. As if Joe Biden usurping the White House wasn’t bad enough. When Harris was officially sworn in, the […]

Watch: Texas Driver Captures Video Showing Caravan Of Buses Transporting Illegal Migrant Children To Dallas

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden has officially become the most anti-American president in the history of the US. No president before Biden has been as direct in his intentions to destroy the US. Even Obama spoke against illegal immigration. Joe Biden openly supports it. Upon being sworn in and officially usurping the presidency, Biden […]

Breaking: Republican-Led Wisconsin Assembly Passes Resolution Authorizing Investigation Of 2020 Presidential Election

(Tea Party 247) – While we’ve all been distracted by the crisis at the border, which is a serious threat to America, the fight for election integrity and transparency continues on. Democrats continue to oppose any and all efforts to uncover the truth about the 2020 presidential election and it seems in some states, Republicans […]

Republican Gov. Says Trump Voters’ Vaccine Hesitancy Stems From “Natural Resistance To Government” And Is “Worrisome”

(Tea Party 247) – The one thing that the COVID ordeal has proven is that the government cannot be trusted. Not only can the government not be trusted but neither can extensions of the government including Big Pharma. No, Big Pharma isn’t an official federal entity but they work very closely with the federal government […]

Viral: Glitchy Video Showing Biden’s Hand Doing Tricks With Reporters Microphones Has People Spooked

(Tea Party 247) – A video of Joe Biden briefly talking to reporters has the internet abuzz with conspiracies and jokes. Biden was making his way towards Marine One on the South Lawn which was set to take him to Pennsylvania where he plans to promote the Dems $1.9 trillion radical progressive bill, aka the […]

Illegals Cutting In Line To Receive COVID Vaccines As US Citizens Complain About Lack Of Access

(Tea Party 247) – Despite your views on the COVID vaccines, we can all agree that illegal aliens shouldn’t be getting vaccines before American citizens who want them, have access to them. There are millions of people who genuinely believe the COVID vaccines are going to protect them and they should be first in line […]

Urgent: Doctor Warns The Experimental COVID “Vaccine” Is Really “Dangerous Gene Therapy”

(Tea Party 247) – Conservative activist and medical professional Dr. Steven Hotze M.D. is issuing an urgent warning to Americans that the COVID-19 “vaccine” is not, in fact, an inoculation but “a dangerous, experimental gene therapy.” And the health implications are serious. “The so-called COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine at all. It’s a dangerous, […]

Illegal Alien Tells ABC Reporter He Never Would’ve Attempted To Cross Border If Trump Was Still President (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – We’ve witnessed hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flocking across the border ever since Joe Biden took over the White House and immediately wrote executive orders to undo all of the former president’s immigration policy, effectively encouraging who knows how many people from all over the world to forget all about […]

Judge Just Ruled MI Sec. Of State Told City Clerks To Ignore Signature Matching Law On Absentee Ballots For 2020 Election

(Tea Party 247) – After all of the seemingly endless irregularities that took place during the highly controversial 2020 presidential election and all of the questions surrounding how ballots were handled and counted, a Michigan judge has ruled that the Secretary of State (pictured at top) directed city clerks to ignore a signature matching law […]

Report: Illegal Mexican Alien Wanted For Raping Two Little Girls Killed By Texas Cop

(Tea Party 247) – An illegal alien hailing from Mexico who was wanted in the rape of two young girls has been killed by a Texas police officer after he pulled a weapon during a traffic stop. The suspect had been previously deported from the U.S. following similar charges, according to authorities. Juan Jimenez-Sala, 46, […]

Just In: Mike Lindell Is Filing Two Counter Lawsuits Against Dominion Voting Systems

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, Trump ally and conservative activist, My Pillow founder Mike Lindell made an appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room and made the announcement that he is filing a countersuit against Dominion Voting Systems. Lindell’s countersuit is in response to Dominion’s announcement that they were going to sue him and others […]

Judge Drops Hammer On ‘Virtually Unintelligible’ Lawsuit Against Former President Trump, Israel

(Tea Party 247) – A federal judge has officially tossed out a lawsuit that was filed by Palestinian activists against President Trump and the nation of Israel, calling the complaint “virtually unintelligible,” as it failed to specify who hurt them, when, and where. Radical activists are all about that political drama, aren’t they? They use […]

Farmers Slam Biden’s Debt Relief Which Doles Out Billions To Non-Whites

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, Fox News’ Sean Hannity aired an exclusive report from Sara Carter who had interviewed American farmers who are angry at President Joe Biden over the Democrats’ COVID-19 relief package that doles out billions to farmers of color—yet leaves white farmers in the dust. The farmers call the $1.9 trillion […]

White House Blames “Windy” Conditions For Joe Biden’s Humiliating Stumble On Stairs Of Air Force One (Video)

(Tea Party 247) – On Friday, President Joe Biden tripped and fell—multiple times—while attempting to board Air Force One. The White House is blaming “windy” conditions for when Biden’s feet slipped on the stairs of the aircraft, but the internet doesn’t care. It’s become the meme of the week and has done no favors to […]

Pompeo: Declassified Intel Points To Coronavirus Originating From Wuhan Lab Leak

(Tea Party 247) – The World Health Organization is a globalist regime that is seeking to bring about the New World Order. That is their only goal and they are striving to achieve it by any means possible including unleashing a dangerous virus on all of the world and destroying economies everywhere. This agenda puts […]

Texas Officials “Blindsided” By Biden Administration Dumping 700 Child Migrants In Oil Worker Camp

(Tea Party 247) – The crisis at the border is spilling over and becoming a crisis all around the country. Border facilities are not adequate enough to handle the volume of migrants, especially unaccompanied child migrants, that are flooding across our border every day. We’re talking thousands of people, mostly children, coming into the US […]

Current And Former Virginia County Teachers Plot Against Parents Who Question Racial Curriculum

(Tea Party 247) – The radical left has made no secret of their disdain and hate for anyone who dares dissent from their ideas and agenda. They call for “unity” and preach “tolerance” and “love” but what they want is submission and compliance and attack those who refuse. The teachers unions of the US are […]

Watch: Kamala Harris Trashes America As A Violent And Racist Country During Bilateral Meeting With Prime Minister Of Ireland

(Tea Party 247) – Kamala Harris, the most unpopular, unwanted Vice President in the history of the US. Harris couldn’t even win a presidential primary in her home state of California yet she’s now the second most powerful person in the US. In reality, we all know that Biden will soon be on his way […]

“Ex-Gay” Conservative Activist Milo Yiannopoulos To Open “Reparative Therapy” Center In Florida

(Tea Party 247) – Well-known conservative activist and former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who recently claimed to be “ex-gay,” has announced his plans to open a conversion clinic in Florida within the next few months. In an interview with the New York Post, the best-selling author said that his “reparative therapy” clinic will aim “to […]

Judge Rules That “VOTER GA” Can Unseal And Inspect Fulton County Georgia Ballots For Voter Fraud

(Tea Party 247) – While it may seem as though the fight for the 2020 presidential election has grinded to a halt the reality is that there are people all over the contested states still digging and fighting for transparency. On Monday in Georgia, the fruit of this labor was realized as Henry County Judge […]

Reports Emerge Of More American Troops Entering Syria — What In The World Is Biden Doing? Does He Even Know He’s Doing It?

(Tea Party 247) – New reports coming out of the country of Syria have revealed that a convoy of US trucks have been entering the area. The question on everyone’s mind is why in the world would old and potentially senile Joe Biden be taking this course of action? And why is he trying so […]

House Democrats Have Voted Against Requiring Illegals To Take COVID-19 Tests After They Cross The Border

(Tea Party 247) – Democratic members of Congress voted against a new requirement that would make illegal aliens take a COVID test after crossing the border into the United States, making it clear that all the hoopla we’ve been experiencing over the last year over this illness has been politically motivated and not at all […]

The EU Is Funding Worldwide Open Society Network With Whopping $116 Million

(Tea Party 247) – Taxpayers in the United States are having a hard time paying the bills and keeping their jobs thanks to the insane measures taken by Democratic leadership across the country shutting everything down for the coronavirus pandemic. The federal government continues to throw money at the situation, like that latest $1.9 trillion […]

BREAKING: Marvelous Marvin Hagler Executed By COVID-19 Vaccine

(Tea Party 247) – Marvelous Marvin Hagler, a legend in the world of boxing, passed away on Saturday night at the age of 66. While his family somberly announced the news with no mention of his cause of death, rumors have erupted online that he’d taken the COVID-19 vaccine and had previously been fighting for […]

Alert: Shocking Video Emerges Of Black-Clad Men Bashing US Capitol Windows, Flipping Off Trump Supporters Who Were Chanting “F*** Antifa!”

(Tea Party 247) – This week, the formidable patriotic journalists of The Gateway Pundit and 100 Percent Fed Up interviewed a veteran who attended the January 6th Stop the Steal rally in Washington, D.C. and got a front row seat as the overwhelmingly peaceful and law-abiding protest was undermined by the reckless violence that followed. […]

Washington Post Retraction About Trump Call To Georgia Official Exposes Sec Of State — He Committed Fraud To Frame Trump!

(Tea Party 247) – On Monday, the Washington Post was force to issue a huge and humiliating correction to an anti-Trump story that just goes to show how completely untrustworthy and biased the mainstream media is, in spite of all their posturing to the contrary. The notoriously biased outlet had published a story in January […]

What Was Really In Ashli Babbitt’s Mysterious Backpack When She Was Shot And Killed By Capitol Police

(Tea Party 247) – While the mainstream media would have you believe that a violent, murderous mob armed with AR-15’s, nooses, and burning crosses breached the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, the truth is that only one person was shot and killed—a protester. No firearms were confiscated at the scene nor known to be […]

Retired Army Sgt. Arrested For Attending Jan. 6 Protests — Now The Family’s Bank Account Has Been Locked Down, The Wife Has Lost Her Job, And The Family Doesn’t Know What To Do

(Tea Party 247) – Angel Harrelson from the state of Florida recently contacted the folks over at The Gateway Pundit a week ago to share the story of her family and her husband, retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson, who was arrested just last week and is currently being held in jail for attending the January […]

Breaking: Georgia Judge Announces He Could Unseal Fulton County Absentee Ballot Records To Investigate Fraud

(Tea Party 247) – While the establishment will insist that there’s absolutely no evidence, whatsoever, at all that the 2020 election may have seen incidents of fraud and irregularities, the sworn affidavits of thousands of witnesses as well as scores of data points from expert analysts beg to differ. Remember—all of the lawsuits were dismissed […]

Horrific: Father Is Facing Arrest, Jail Time For Trying To Stop His Middle Schoolers’ “Transition” Into A Boy

(Tea Party 247) – A Surrey, British Columbia father has been fighting against the progressive medical community and their anti-science “treatment” for children struggling with gender confusion in the Canadian courts. Rob Hoogland believes, as many perfectly sensible and intelligent adult these days do, thought his 14-year-old daughter was too young to “transition” to life […]

Backlash After Military, Official Marine Corps Twitter Account Attacks Fox News Host Tucker Carlson

(Tea Party 247) – The military has proven that they are no longer a respectable institution focused on the defense of the United States but rather a bipartisan political entity with the singular goal of promoting progressive “inclusivity.” The left spent four years telling us what a “fascist” and “dictator” President Trump was but Trump […]

Biden’s Unpatriotic National Park Service Denies South Dakota Request For July 4th Fireworks At Mount Rushmore

(Tea Party 247) – Last year on the Fourth of July, President Trump visited Mount Rushmore in South Dakota where he gave a historic speech and wrapped up the day with fireworks. This year, Biden’s making sure there are no patriotic displays on the 4th from his administration. Since Joe Biden is too old, frail […]

Lyin’ Nancy Pelosi: Climate Change Responsible For “Humanitarian Challenge” On Border

(Tea Party 247) – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared on ABC Sunday and told lie after lie to leftist media sycophant George Stephanopoulos. She asserted that climate change is the reason why illegal migrants are flooding our southern border and also shamelessly repeated the Biden administration lie that it’s a “humanitarian challenge” rather than a […]

Democrat Oregon State Senators Introduce Reparations Bill To Pay Black Residents $123,000

(Tea Party 247) – Reparations talks have always been the carrot Democrats have dangled in front of black communities to ensure their continued support. So long as they promise to get the ball rolling on reparations if elected, black communities support them. Of course, it hasn’t happened yet and it always just remains talk. Democrats […]

‘Migrant President’: Mexico Sounds Alarm Over Biden Policy

(Tea Party 247) – Joe Biden is single-handedly ruining America. While we are right to be concerned that Biden is nothing more than a Beijing puppet, the biggest threat facing our country right now is the catastrophic crisis going on along the southern border. Over 100,000 migrants were apprehended illegally crossing into the US just […]

Watch: Pelosi Says “Of Course” Democrat House Could Overturn Election Results To Allow Democrat Win Months After Losing Election

(Tea Party 247) – After the 2020 stolen election, Democrats insisted that the American people had spoken and it’s totally unpatriotic, even treasonous, to suggest the election results be overturned. They relentlessly attacked Republicans who dared to object to the Electoral College certification despite having done the same exact thing when President Trump won in […]

Utah Mother Dead Within Four Days Of Receiving Second Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine

(Tea Party 247) – As more Americans receive the Covid-19 vaccine we are hearing of more adverse reactions as well as deaths, as is the case with 39-year-old Utah mom, Kassidi Kurill. She was apparently a healthy, happy, energetic woman with no known health problems or pre-existing conditions. Kurill, a surgical tech for multiple plastic […]

“Cuomosexual” Hollywood Elites Were In Love With Andrew Cuomo; Now Many Are Silent Amid Sexual Accusations

(Tea Party 247) – Caution: Entering Hollyweird… “Cuomosexual.” Say what now?! Apparently, a new sexual orientation had to be invented to refer to those in Hollywood who couldn’t restrain their love for New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo. Now, as Cuomo is fighting for his political life amid the nursing home and sexual harassment scandals, those […]

Twitter Using Section 230 Immunity As Defense In Child-Porn Case

(Tea Party 247) – There is a lawsuit in a federal court in California right now that is alleging that Twitter is allowing child-porn videos and images to stay on their platform even after receiving complaints. Why? They claim these posts didn’t violate policies. Section 230 of the federal Communications Decency Act offers immunity from […]

Former Top Democrat Had Keys To KI Center Ballroom Where Absentee Ballots Were Stored And Counted In Wisconsin Before Election Day

(Tea Party 247) – A brand new study that’s just now coming out of the key battleground state of Wisconsin has confirmed that a former top Democratic operative by the name of Michael Spitzer-Rebenstein was in possession of the keys to the KI Center ballroom in the city of Green Bay where absentee ballots were […]

Confirmed: FBI Hired Known Drug Addict Stefan Halper To Set Up And Bring Down The President Of The United States And Anyone Connected To Him

(Tea Party 247) – The justice system in America is totally broken. The FBI has spent countless time and resources hunting down Trump supporters involved with the Capitol riot on Jan. 6 while not even bothering to lift a finger to bring to justice those responsible for burning down, looting, and vandalizing American cities coast […]

SHOCKING VIDEO: Mexican Cartels Caught Operating In Plain Sight On US Border Following Biden’s Insane Open Border Policies

(Tea Party 247) – Make no mistake about it, there’s a major crisis going on right now along our southern border. Waves of illegal immigrants are flooding into the country every single day, overwhelming border towns and bringing COVID with them but it’s so much worse than that. Dangerous cartels are running massive operations smuggling […]

COGNITIVE DECLINE: Joe Biden’s Handlers Push Reporters Out of Hardware Store After Trying to Ask the President Questions

(Tea Party 247) – Ever since Joe Biden announced that he would be running for president, it’s become increasingly noticeable that he has a lot of cognitive issues that the radical left does not want to get out to the public. All during 2020, Biden remained in lockdown in his basement, hardly doing anything to […]

Retired Purple Heart Veteran In Arizona Who Dove In Dumpster And Found Shredded Ballots Is Now Being Threatened

(Tea Party 247) – The Arizona State Senate Republicans were right to start looking into Maricopa County. It seems as though there has been no shortage of fraud during the 2020 election and no shortage of cover-up since. It seems like it’s always something with Maricopa County. The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has been […]

“Progress:” Joe Biden Says Military Will Focus On Making “Maternity Flight Suits” — So Pregnant Women Can Drop Into Enemy Territory During Wartime? (VIDEO)

(Tea Party 247) – As the nation continues to struggle with the fallout of a year-long pandemic, economic crisis, and now a dangerously criminal situation at the southern border, President Joe Biden is really, really worried about pregnant women in the military. I don’t think anyone out there has been concerned about pregnant service members; […]

BREAKING: Wife Of Antifa Activist LEAKS Medical Records Of Trump Supporter With Cancer

(Tea Party 247) – The wife of an Antifa terrorist — they are a terrorist group, not an activist group, regardless of whether or not the FBI agrees — located in North Carolina has illegally leaked information about the health of a Brian Talbert, a prominent Trump supporter to her husband. According to Infowars, Talbert, […]

Just In: Shredded Ballots In Maricopa County Dumpster Appear To Be Completed Ballots From 2020

(Tea Party 247) – The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors fought for months against handing over all election ballots and data to the state senate amid ongoing allegations of irregularities and fraud. Things haven’t started to look any better now that a judge has determined they must do so. Now, instead of heading off to […]

Where’s Biden Hidin’? EVEN CNN Begins Asking Questions, As President Goes Record Time Without Press Conference With Q&A

(Tea Party 247) – President Joe Biden has now gone longer without holding a press conference that features a time for questions and answers than any other president in modern American history. With the excitement of his inauguration wearing off, even his buddies in the mainstream media are starting to wonder why. A new report […]

McEnany Says Biden Staff Doesn’t Want Him To Have A Press Conference

(Tea Party 247) – It has been 45 days since President Joe Biden Took office and he has yet to give a press conference—a 100-year record for a U.S. President. They told us there was nothing suspicious at all about him hiding in his basement the whole of the campaign—and yet now that he’s in […]

Stanford Medical Professor Asserts Lockdowns Are “Biggest Public Health Mistake” Ever

(Tea Party 247) – The COVID-19 lockdowns have been the biggest charade America has ever seen. Causing far more harm than good, Americans have been forced to endure a year of oppressive, unconstitutional rules and mandates designed to isolate healthy people and crush “non-essential” businesses. While states are beginning to lift COVID-19 measures, the majority […]

CNN Absolutely Roasted For “Delusional” Praise That Biden Is “Most Transformative President In 75 Years”

(Tea Party 247) – The emperor has no clothes. The entire Biden presidency is built on the mere shadow of a man who still seems to be hidden away from the press and has set a record for the longest a US president has gone without giving a press conference in 100 years. However, the […]

Forget QAnon, #BlueAnon Trends After ALL The Crazy Conspiracy Theories On The Left Get Exposed

(Tea Party 247) – There are a lot of myths about conservatives that are pushed by the radical left in the United States, especially by celebrities from Hollywood and the mainstream media. One of those is that the only people who ascribe to wild conspiracy theories are those on the political right. However, according to […]

Watch: Bill O’Reilly Says Joe Biden Is “Dangerous” And He’s Right

(Tea Party 247) – It’s certainly no secret that Joe Biden is not altogether there. Even the Democrats have acknowledged his failing mental condition when they made the move to limit his authority in regards to the nuclear codes. Of course, the Dems blamed the move on Trump saying that because Trump was supposedly so […]

Twitter, Facebook Misinformation Policies Appear To Exempt Louis Farrakhan Calling Covid Vaccine ‘Vial Of Death’

(Tea Party 247) – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and fellow social media bigwig Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, along with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki have made an art form out of repeatedly censoring anyone who dares to challenge ideas related to the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine, and various treatments that have been approved by the CDC and […]

36-Year-Old Woman “Gang Raped” By Migrant Group After Talking To Them “About Their Situation”

(Tea Party 247) – Liberals claim that in order to be the best America we can possibly be we have to embrace “diversity” and stop expecting immigrants to assimilate. The Democrats clearly believe the way to achieve this diverse dystopia is by doing away with our immigration system and completely opening our borders. Of course, […]

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