Watch: Katie Couric Advocates For “Deprogramming” Trump Supporters — Seriously?!

(Tea Party 247) – What has happened over the last few weeks in our nation is absolutely chilling.

For years we have thought that the degree of censorship and hysterical political correctness have been dangerous for our national discourse.

However, up until recently, we actually had a national discourse.

In the final days of the Trump presidency, however, the left has escalated their violent rhetoric against him and all his supporters to a degree that can only be labeled as “brainwashing.”

In one massive psychological operation, the establishment has set the narrative that when a group of violent protesters of varying ideological persuasions breached the Capitol Building on January 6th, it was at the actual behest of President Donald Trump.

Thus, they have determined that he actually ordered the group to enter the building, that it was a coordinated effort to do so, and that he and all his supporters need to be shamed—and utterly silenced—otherwise there will never be any peace.

This isn’t an attempt to secure law and order, peace and safety, it’s an attempt to tighten the grip of the globalist Deep State and all their dangerous communist programming insisting that you go along with the fake news narrative or be written off as a dangerous conspiracy theory with no right to free speech.

These are very scary times.

Made all the more so by comments from mainstream media voices literally calling for us to be “deprogrammed” because they disagree with us about the legitimacy of the election.

Let that sink in—who is being programmed here, exactly?!

Katie Couric recently told Bill Maher on his HBO program that Trump supporters need to be “almost” deprogrammed since they’re so convinced that the election was rigged.

The former “Today” show co-anchor made these comments while discussing GOP members of Congress who still insist that the election was stolen.

“And the question is: How are we going to really, almost deprogram these people who have signed up for the cult of Trump?” she said.

Lady, who put you in charge of programming anyone?

This is not the language of those looking to preserve a free republic.

Copyright 2021.

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