Actor Announces “Un-endorsement” of Biden

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If you know much about actor Michael Rapaport, it’s likely that he’s been in a whole slew of films and shows over the years. You might also see that he’s quite opinionated when it comes to politics and has no qualms about going on social media to rant about them.

But his most recent rant may surprise you.

Like most of those in his industry, Rapaport tends to lean to the left, which also means he tends to vote Democratic and be anti-Trump.

But in this most recent video he admits that he won’t be doing that come November. In fact, save some miracle happening, he’s going to vote Trump over Biden.


Well, it all comes down to Biden’s recent stance on Israel and the Jewish people.

If you didn’t know it, Biden and his administration have, for the most part, sided with Israel, as she has been a longstanding and loyal ally to the United States. I say for the most part because while the US has sent some funds and even a few weapons to the Jewish nation, our national leaders have also failed to condemn the actions of Hamas and Gaza.

And in more recent weeks, the ‘for the most part’ has faded.

You might have heard that Biden recently encouraged a ceasefire as if he has any right to control the actions of other nations. Additionally, he’s said he won’t be sending Israel any more help unless it prosecutes its war against Hamas the way Biden wants them to. Again, as if he has any right to do so.

But I digress…

And this has apparently made Rapaport quite angry.

If you weren’t aware, Rapaport is of Jewish ancestry, being born to two Jewish parents. As such, you can imagine him not being very happy with Biden’s recent betrayal of his ancestral homeland.

In a video posted to his social media accounts on Thursday, he explained as much, saying he was taking back his endorsement of Biden, using some very explicative language.

“I’m officially un-endorsing #JoeBiden. I did so much work on behalf of this soft-serve ice cream-eating MF; I’m done.”

Before saying this, he explained that he used to be strongly against Trump. But now, things are different.

In a message to Biden, he said, “You’re not sending weapons to Israel during f***ing war? While American hostages – American hostages – and hostages from 22 countries are still” being held by Gaza?

Then he made a promise: “Let me tell you something. I never, ever, ever thought I would say this, OK, but I can promise you this right now… Joe Biden: Me, Michael Rapaport, I’m not voting for you. You’re not getting my vote.”

He added that plenty of others felt the same way and that Biden’s recent actions against Israel are “why voting for (Trump) is on the table.”

It’s more bad news for Biden at a time when he can’t afford anymore.