Jack Smith Continues to Play Hide-and-Seek with Evidence in Trump’s Classified Docs Case

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Dan Kosmayer / shutterstock.comIn a legal saga that seems to have no end, former President Donald Trump faces fierce opposition from special counsel Jack Smith, who vehemently rejects the Trump camp’s latest plea to disclose evidence in the classified documents case. The courtroom drama, however, reveals more than just legal intricacies; it exposes a battle for transparency and […]

George Soros Gobbling up American Radio Stations Before the 2024 Election

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Andrei_Diachenko / shutterstock.comIn his latest move to meddle in the 2024 election, billionaire nation-destroyer George Soros appears to have seized a controlling interest in the second-largest chain of radio stations in America. If the news is accurate, it means that up to 220 radio stations in the US may soon begin cranking out pro-Biden and anti-Trump propaganda […]

California Installs Border Wall “Spikes” to Safeguard Migrants from Climbing Injuries 

When it comes to border hopping, nothing is too daunting for illegal immigrants. Raging rivers, barbed wire, floating barriers, it appears nothing can stand in their way.   Not even a border wall.  It seems that illegal immigrants are embracing their inner American Ninja Warrior and attempting to climb the border wall, with predictable results. John […]

Trump Fact-Checked 3000% More Than Biden by The Washington Post 

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keport / shutterstock.comThere has been an alarming trend by media outlets to ignore President Joe Biden’s false or misleading claims, especially when compared with their enthusiasm in pointing out former President Donald Trump’s alleged “lies.”  Daniel Dale is a Canadian journalist who works for CNN as a reporter and fact-checker. He is known for his rigorous and […]

TX Lawyer Ducks Real Jail Time for Attempting To Kill His Baby

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New Africa / shutterstock.comHouston, TX-based attorney Mason Herring was able to accept a plea deal that allowed him to essentially walk free after attempting to kill his baby multiple times in 2022. Getting just 180 days in jail and ten years of probation from Harris County District Court Judge Andrea Ball, he pleaded guilty to one count of […]

Big News for Homeowners: A Massive Tax Break May Be Coming in 2026

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William Potter / shutterstock.comSecuring a home involves a significant financial commitment that goes beyond just the cost of a mortgage. The financial burden can be especially high in states with high property taxes. For example, in 2022, homeowners in New Jersey had to pay a median property tax bill of $8,797, highlighting how steep these expenses can be. […]

Can Trump Really Flip New York Because of the Illegal Alien Invasion?

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Brad McPherson / shutterstock.comJoe Biden has done such a remarkable job at running the country into the ground that President Trump and his campaign believe they can flip numerous states in 2024. They’re not just talking about the swing states that were stolen through mass mail-in ballot fraud in 2020. They intend to heavily target several blue states […]

Biden Suddenly Remembers the Power of His Pen 

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Andrey_Popov / shutterstock.comPresident Joe Biden, who overturned seventeen executive orders through executive orders on his first day alone, claims he lacks the power to close the border. By spring 2021, he had used his pen to overturn 21 of Trump’s executive orders. But Biden has claimed that he lacks the authority to stem the influx of illegals […]

SWAT Proves Yet Again To Be More Effective Than a Social Worker in Crisis Situations

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guruXOX / shutterstock.comOn February 6th, customers at a Fort Myers, FL, Bank of America along US-41 just wanted to come in and conduct their business as usual. Sterling Alavache, 36, walked in and calmly leaped behind the counter, claiming he had a bomb. 9-1-1 was contacted, with the Lee County Sherriff’s Office and members of the FBI […]

EU Scraps Foundation of Green Agenda as Standoff with Farmers Continue

As you likely know, America is not the only nation waging a significant war on fossil fuels. And it’s certainly not the boldest on such matters. Take a number of countries in Europe, for example. Here, thanks to the European Union, nations like The Netherlands, Germany, and France have all seen a drastic uptick in […]

Chicago Mayor Says His “Black Wife” Won’t Let Him Travel to the Border

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Tyger Ligon / shutterstock.comOn February 5th, Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson lost his cool with reporters asking about his plans to visit our southern border. Despite having a planned and publicly announced trip down in October, he suddenly canceled those plans. With no announced change, the pressure to visit and see what he’s helping to encourage is mounting. “I […]

Sen. Blackburn Is Over Dems. Trying To Make Being Illegal Legal

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lev radin / shutterstock.comFor years now, the liberals of America have been trying to implement their not-so-secret plan for taking control of the US; flood the country with Democrat voters. As illegals overwhelm our southern border and so-called “Sanctuary Cities” at the taxpayer’s expense, Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), has had enough. Following the release of the Senate’s latest […]

IRS Falls for Left-Wing Charlatans: Tax-Exempt Status Awarded to Deceptive CCDH

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T. Schneider / shutterstock.comWelcome to the circus of deceit, where left-wing snake oil salesmen like the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) have not only convinced the gullible masses but managed to pull a fast one on the IRS itself. Yes, you heard it right, folks – the IRS, the beacon of bureaucratic brilliance, fell for the CCDH’s […]

UK Judge Refuses to Hear Trump’s Case Against Christopher Steele’s Group 

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Marian Weyo / shutterstock.comTrump Derangement Syndrome surges well past American shores, even traveling across the pond to the United Kingdom.  And this rabid hatred of Trump can be found everywhere, even in the UK court system.   During an October London hearing, Trump lawyers filed a lawsuit against Christopher Steele, a former British spy, and his business entity, Orbis […]

Black Democrats Sue Chicago Over Sanctuary Status, Threaten to Support Trump

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beboy / shutterstock.comA group of black Democrats have filed suit against the City of Chicago and Mayor Brandon Johnson. They’re claiming damages based on harm caused to them by the city’s sanctuary policies. The suit argues that Chicago is showing preferential treatment to illegal aliens while shoving the American people aside. One activist says she now has […]