GOP Operatives Are on the Ground Working for Cornel West

a katz /
a katz /

This November, every vote is going to matter in the swing states that the Democrats stole in the 2020 election. Right as Joe Biden’s ship is sinking with many leftwing voters, Republican operatives are hard at work to offer them an alternative.

The Trump Derangement Syndrome that most Democrats suffer from precludes them from voting for the only real candidate in the race, so these GOP operatives are pounding the pavement on behalf of Cornel West.

This is a genius move since West represents a viable protest vote against the Biden regime. Millions of Democrat voters are disgusted with the way that Joe Biden has handled the Gaza conflict. Cornel West is a longstanding opponent of US foreign policy and the State of Israel.

West’s campaign is a bit of a disorganized train wreck, to put it mildly. That’s why Republican operatives in swing states are gathering signatures to help get Cornel West on the ballot. This is clearly an effort to siphon off leftwing voters who might otherwise hold their nose and vote for Joe Biden or some replacement candidate.

The pro-Palestinian protests on college campuses earlier this year revealed a deep rift in the Democrat Party over Israel. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is even more pro-Israel in his rhetoric than Joe Biden. Cornel West represents a very real protest vote for Democrats who are unhappy with the other choices.

NBC News has discovered that GOP operatives are working to put Cornel West on the ballot in Arizona and North Carolina. They may be at work in other states as well. Every vote is going to count in some of the swing states this November, so this is a great strategy to draw votes away from Biden that wouldn’t be going to Donald Trump anyway.