Bombshell: Steele Dossier Source Linked to Billionaire Leftwing Activist Soros

When Democratic representative Adam Schiff decided to put on his big show of an impeachment trial, he needed a star witness for the occasion. Fiona Hill is her name. Now, we have learned more about some shocking revelations that are closely associated with this witness. She has very close ties with Igor Danchenko.

He’s the one who is responsible for the vast majority of the lies that you saw in the Steele dossier. That explains her level of knowledge when it comes to the dossier. Since her associate is the one who is responsible for creating it, she probably knows it front to back by this point in time. No one knew who the Primary Sub Source was but now we are all aware.

It’s not that shocking when you really stop to think about it, though. The Trump-Russia fraud allegations were being advanced by people who felt like they did not have anything to lose. They probably never thought that their names would be shared in public. Now that separate sources on the Internet are confirming this account, it looks like Danchenko and Hill have a fair amount of explaining to do.

The senior thesis that Danchenko wrote has made its way online and this would not seem to be a big deal. However, there is one aspect of the thesis that has us wondering. He actually takes the time to thank one of his professors personally in the paper. Her name? You guessed it…Fiona Hill! That’s a pretty big coincidence, isn’t it?

At least that’s how the liberals are going to try to spin it once this information is shared with more people. From the looks of it, Danchenko grew up in Russia and made his way to America when he got older. Once he arrived, he began attending Louisville University and this is where he was able to meet with Fiona Hill.

The two have maintained a strong connection over the years, clearly. We can barely remember the names of any of our college professors but these two are still best pals. Danchenko must have realized that the media would be snooping through his life and asking questions. His Twitter page has now been made private and it would not shock us if the account vanished entirely within the next few days.

That is pure speculation, though. There’s no need for that kind of speculation when we have cold, hard facts sitting directly in front of us. His attempts at locking his account did not pan out as well as he would have hoped. It did not take long before his old tweets started to circulate. He and Hill both worked at the Brookings Institute and even gave presentations together.

That’s too big of a coincidence for anyone to ignore. How long were these two in cahoots for? They were planning the potential demise of the current president and everyone could see that their friendship was right out in the open. Stephen McIntyre confirmed Danchenko’s involvement and he’s been instrumental when it comes to discussing all of the Russian corruption that is happening in our country.

He’s peeled back the layers of the Russian fraud “story” and we are grateful for his assistance. Without true patriots like McIntyre, we would never know the real truth about what is going on. Now that the connection between these two has been uncovered, Schiff’s actions seem even worse than they did to begin with.

identification of PSS at is about as certain as can be. I’ve crosschecked details and everything matches. Hans, FN, walkafyre have all checked it as well. So take it to the bank.

— Stephen McIntyre (@ClimateAudit) July 19, 2020

He dragged the nation through an impeachment trial that should have never happened. There were no crimes to speak of and his star witness was actually in cahoots with the Russians. You cannot make this stuff up. Is Hill one of the deep state whistle blowers who has been actively working against Trump?

At this point, that explanation seems more likely than anything we have been told. George Soros’ rumored involvement also comes as no major surprise. Hill can claim that she is non partisan but she spent six years working for the George Soros Open Society Institute. These connections are hard to deny.