California’s Democrats Releasing 18,000 More Violent Criminals, Claiming COVID-19, While Sending Barbers and Moms to Jail

The California Department of Corrections is ready to unleash a wave of violent criminals on their unsuspecting populace. Their reasoning for doing so doesn’t make very much sense. 18,000 prisoners will be released, as a means of slowing down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The state officials are looking to protect the state’s incarcerated population.

What about the rest of the state, though? No one seems to care about what is going on and they are not thinking about the long term effects of these decisions. These actions are taken to provide for the health and safety of the incarcerated population and staff,” says Ralph Diaz. As the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Secretary, he is responsible for these sorts of considerations.

When these considerations come at the expense of law abiding citizens, it makes us wonder what is really going on. Is California making the classic mistake of putting their performative activism ahead of human safety? Only time will tell but the early returns are not good. 10,000 inmates have already been released and another 8,000 could be back on the streets by the time August is over.

Over 2,000 California inmates have already tested positive for COVID-19. Democratic leaders may think that they are helping the problem by releasing inmates but all they are doing is increasing the risk of exposure for the rest of their population. Are they going to be providing all of these criminals with homes and access to a steady income?

That’s one of the most important questions that needs to be answered, for the sake of the state’s private citizens. We are not sure why they are being given added stress to deal with at a time like this. They have enough to worry about, without having to contend with thousands of violent criminals who are mingling among the state population.

Governor Newsom’s announcement comes on the heels of a renewed push to shut the state back down. Like many other states that decided to reopen, their risk tolerance is low. Museums, zoos, bars, theaters and indoor dining establishments are being closed down once again. This is probably not the time to toss a bunch of convicted criminals back into the mix but what do we know?

They are not going to have any place to work or stay. Once reality sets in, the taxpayer is going to be left to pick up the pieces. Indoor malls, churches, nail salons and gyms are also being closed back down again. Black Lives Matter protests are still being allowed, of course. Newsom cannot even tell the California residents when the lockdown period is going to be over. He just wants everyone inside.

It’s sad to see people being deprived of basic information like this. The state of California is being held hostage by a liberal dictator and everyone can see it. The same folks who are being told that they need to stay at home at all costs are also being told that it would be perfectly okay to step outside for a Black Lives Matter protest.

We wouldn’t be surprised if people who do not even believe in the BLM movement start partaking in protests, simply as a means of getting outside for some fresh air. All jokes aside, what else are people supposed to do in these scenarios? They are having all of their options taken away from them and there is little else that they can do.

The state is heading down the tubes and it has been circling the drain for some time now. This is what happens when liberals are given the chance to call the shots. They are never going to make decisions that actually benefit the greater whole. It is all about virtue signaling for leaders like Newsom and we are grateful that we have the ability to see through all of it. The liberals in his state, on the other hand? They are not so fortunate.