Dems New Normal: Watch This Prominent Democrat Attack and Berate Teenage Child of Primary Opponent

In an incident that has become par for the course for the Democrats, Democrat Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz now stands accused of assaulting a child. Early voting has just started but the Democrats are already launching various attacks. Wasserman Schultz’s primary opponent, Jen Perelman, addressed the situation with a timely tweet.

“Debbie physically shoved one of my volunteers handing out palm cards and then verbally accosted her for calling out her record on the environment. This will not be tolerated,” said Perelman. “I’m only going to say this once: If you want to put your hands on anyone, try it with me. Don’t you EVER touch my volunteer,” she continued.

For those who want context: Debbie physically shoved one of my volunteers handing out palm cards & then verbally accosted her for calling out her record on the environment.

This will NOT be tolerated.

— Jen Perelman For Congress (@JENFL23) August 16, 2020

Wasserman Schultz has been put on notice. This thuggish behavior is not going to fly during the election cycle. While this election cycle promises to be the most violent to date, no one knows what is going to happen next. The alleged victim is a 16-year-old named Martina Velazquez and she described the harrowing experience in a recent TikTok video.

“When I was handing out palm cards to voters and explaining how Debbie was not endorsed by any climate activists other than the Sierra Club….she ended up shoving me more than once and calling me a liar to my face,” Martina says. Unless this child is a liar (and what motivation does she have to do so?), this is a ridiculous turn of events.

Children should never be attacked for political reasons and this is something that we never thought that we would have to say. If the police decide to get involved and start investigating, it’s easy to see why Wasserman Schulz might start to sweat a little. Getting removed from the race because you decided to put your hands on a child is a fairly embarrassing way to go out.

— Vextium (@VextiumStray) August 16, 2020

It won’t be long before the lies start to roll in. We wouldn’t even be surprised if the Democrats decided to dig up some dirt on the child. This is not a party that does well when it comes time to accept responsibility for their actions. They love to blame others and they need to be investigated for all of the plots that they are currently launching.

An election that is sure to be hotly contested will lead to all kinds of confrontations and that is understandable to a certain extent. Politics and religion are two topics that are sure to have people all hopped up but that does not excuse anyone who decides to take it to the next level. What would the Democrats have had to say if the child had decided to protect herself?

The whole conversation would have shifted and become something else entirely. As it is, Wasserman Schultz has a lot of explaining to do at the moment. She’s not going to be able to come up with a good enough excuse, so we eagerly await the inevitable deflection that is about to take place. “This incident does not reflect who I am as a person, blah blah blah.”

We have heard it all before and it’s not going to work anymore. It’s time to start holding politicians who behave like thugs accountable. Wasserman Schultz has been watching a few too many mob movies if she thinks that she is going to be able to bully their way through the primaries. The Democrats will do whatever it takes to cover up this crime and we are sure that the mainstream media won’t cover it.

No one that we have talked to has seen any meaningful coverage of the assault. Unless you are the type of person who spends a decent amount of time on Twitter and you’re firmly entrenched in the political conversation on there? You probably had no idea that it even happened. That’s the leftist way. If this took place in a Republican setting, it would have been a front page headline.