Dr. Birx Shoots Back After Unfounded Attacks by Pelosi

When Dr. Birx was recently interviewed by CNN, she could not resist the urge to respond to a few shots that had been taken by Speaker Pelosi. This is simply what she does. Anyone that sees fit to sit down with her ends up serving as the platform for her latest series of grievances. In this instance, she used a private meeting to trash Dr. Birx.

Staff Mark Meadows and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchen were the ones who were treated to her latest diatribe. Birx was not about to accept these words without a fight. Her response was unequivocal. The remarks from Pelosi were immediately leaked to the media and it seems that her issues with Birx have been festering for some time now.

There was a New York Times piece in July that laid waste to Birx, referring to her as a “Pollyanna” type character who cannot handle giving the president any news that might upset him. At the time, Birx believed that the United States’ coronavirus spread pandemic would closely resemble the spread that took place in Italy.

A dramatic rise would take, we would peak and then begin the decline. Of course, the New York Times did not even take the time to speak to the doctor before publishing her opinions. Once the coronavirus started to spread rapidly throughout the southern states, it became obvious that her initial predictions were way off base.

Nancy Pelosi seized on this and couldn’t wait to go off on her to anyone who would listen. “You’re in horrible hands,” she said to Mnuchen and Meadows. When she visited ABC’s This Week, she doubled down on the statements. Pelosi was asked if she had any confidence in the doctor and was very honest (by her standards).

“I think the President is spreading disinformation about the virus and she is his appointee, so I don’t have confidence there, no,” claimed Pelosi. These comments were meant as a Trump slam and we all know how much she hates the president. Dr. Birx is collateral damage here but that does not mean that she has to sit down and accept it.

Her contempt for the Republicans cannot be hidden either. CNN’s Dana Bash asked Dr. Birx for her response and she did not mince words. She paid the appropriate respects to Pelosi’s political career and then she unloaded with both barrels. “I have tremendous respect for the speaker, and I have tremendous respect for her long dedication to the American people,” said the doctor.

She did wonder what Pelosi could not provide data to back up her assertions. After all, that’s what people do when they are looking to disprove the observations that are made by professionals. She went on to say that she would stake her 40 year career on the same fundamental principles that have allowed her to become such a success.

Dr. Birx is someone who takes a lot of pride in her data collection and she was not pleased with the New York Times’ decision to run the piece without speaking to her first. Meanwhile, Pelosi has a lot of motivation to make sure that the situation remains dire until the election rolls around. Unlike Dr. Birx, she has refuse to remain humble throughout the pandemic.

She’s also hopeful that we can overcome the current spread. “It’s not super spreading individuals, it’s super spreading events and we need to stop those. We definitely need to take more precautions,” said Birx. Sorry, parents. From the sounds of things, she is not looking to reopen the schools and is placing them in the same category as the large gatherings.

America is still flying by their seat of our pants, even with six months to prepare for what is taking place. Of course, everyone is stressed out and full of anxiety. The virus is creating a path of destruction and there is no end in sight.