Joe Biden Takes Aim and Fires at Gun Control

There’s a right and a wrong way to run the country. President Joe Biden is proving that he only understands the wrong way. Congress is supposed to be used when passing laws. Yet, Biden only seems interested in using executive orders. First, he used it to focus on immigration. Now, he is using it on […]

Hunter Biden Sobered Long Enough to Author a Book Liberals are Falling in Love With

Hunter Biden has been a drug addict for decades. Cocaine, heroin, he’s done it all. Yet, he sobered up long enough to write a book. Although the liberals have fallen in love with the book, it’s not the story any of us really wanted. Perhaps if he wrote a love story about the son of […]

Toddler Gets Booted From Plane While Steward Gets Booted for Doing the Booting

Mask mandates have driven a wedge of hatred between people of all ages. There is no person who can walk in a liberal-run state without being verbally attacked or physically assaulted for not wearing a mask. And when the police finally do show up, the mask-violator is taken to jail as if they had just […]

Supreme Court Judge Weighs in on Social Media’s Ability to Silence Americans

Freedom of speech has always been a Constitutional right of Americans. We are allowed to say what we want to say without being silenced. What happens when social media platforms silence us, though? Clarence Thomas, one of the more conservative Supreme Court Justices, decided that it is time to offer clarification. Thomas has identified that […]

Media Releases Attack Against Ron DeSantis and Finds out He’s Tougher Than They Thought

Ron DeSantis has become the media’s worst enemy. For three long months, the mass media has been looking for someone to take Donald Trump’s place as the focus of their hatred. They have identified him as the biggest threat to the mission of the Democratic Party. His leadership contradicts and disproves what the liberals are […]

Trump’s COVID Comments on Sunlight Found to be True

If the political left is to be believed, every little thing that former President Donald Trump says is a complete bald-faced lie. Thusly, everything he says or does can be made into controversy and is to be highly debated. Case and point are the comments he made last year about the prospect that sunlight and […]

Biden Has a ‘Major’ Problem with White House Visitors

All it takes is one vicious attack and a dog is put down. However, Joe Biden has always made sure that family is above the law. This goes for his drug-addict of a son as well as his dogs. Major, one of the First Dogs in the White House, has a bit of a biting […]

Biden Faces Massive Miss with Iranian Deal

President Joe Biden is supposed to be able to negotiate with foreign governments. He did serve as VP for eight years. He should know a thing or two about international relations. Specifically, he should know how to deal with Iran. Yet, he’s struggling. It seems to be a recurring theme: watching Biden struggle with presidential […]

It’s Official: Trump Announces Incredible News About His Next Venture

Former President Donald Trump is once again presenting hope for “deplorables” with his announcement that while he has not yet launched his social media platform, he will be allowing supporters to reach him through his website: The site is thought to likely be a precursor to the long-awaited social media platform, however as of right […]

Murder, Crime Exploding Nationwide Because of Democrats’ #DefundthePolice

Violence is exploding nationwide because of the Democrats’ radical and senseless Defund the Police agenda. You will get a lot of spin from the Left with their elaborate upside-down lies, but here are the plain irrefutable facts. New York City, America’s largest city with a population of over 8 million, became the first big city […]

Biden’s Team Tried to Stop Cruz from Showing Americans the Truth

There aren’t too many as committed to sharing the truth as Ted Cruz is. He’s a senator who is committed to being honest with his constituents, and the people of Texas are happy to have him. Even though our president and vice president can’t be bothered to travel to the southern border, Ted Cruz makes […]

NBC Analyst Finally Admits What Conservatives Have Been Saying About Biden Since Before the Election

NBC News senior political analyst Jonathan Allen finally made a decidedly understated admonition about President Joe Biden that conservatives have been warning others about for some time: the president looks worn down. Allen said Thursday in his analysis of Biden’s Wednesday press briefing that he looked “tired” at that first press conference of his administration. […]

The Disarming of America

Well, they’re at it again. Lawmakers are scrambling to disarm us.  Mass shootings are yet again being cited as the basis of the gun grab underway in America. High-capacity magazines and assault-style rifles are first on the list. Next up they’ll go after your handguns, and soon enough, you’ll need a background check and permit […]

Psst, Obama, How Do You Run the Country?

We’re all in big trouble as a nation when Joe Biden doesn’t know how to do his job. He’s the President of the United States of America, yet he has no clue as to what he’s supposed to do. On most days, he doesn’t even know his job title. He’s referred to Kamala Harris as […]

SCOTUS Could Be Putting the Boston Marathon Bomber Back on Death Row. Anti-Capital-Punishment Biden Is in a Pickle

Only a few months into office and President Joe Biden has his acorns in a nutcracker. The man has some deciding to do. Biden preached on his stern opposition of capital punishment and though he has yet to act on his promises the Supreme Court is about to put his alleged convictions to the test. […]

Migrant Children Detention Camps Have Grown So Horrid Under Biden That He Barred the Media…but Some Pics Got Out

Liberals have been under the false impression that Joe Biden has made the crises at America’s southern border a top priority, when in fact, the scene is rapidly deteriorating. As herds of immigrants keep heading north from Central America, many of them are unaccompanied children whose parents either could not or didn’t want to make […]

Florida Gov Cuts the Legs out From Under Key Democrat Recruiting Method Saying Libs Plan Won’t Get ‘One Red Cent of Taxpayer Money’

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took a stand against the damaging curriculum known as Critical Race Theory in the Florida Public School systems earlier in the week, calling it “unsubstantiated theories” that is “teaching kids to hate their country and to hate each other.” This move comes as The New York Times “1619 Project” has popularized […]

3 Arrests in One Day, But New York Has Everything Under Control

Being arrested usually means that a person is off the streets so they don’t continue to commit crimes. One is arrested when they are considered dangerous to others. Except if you’re in New York. New York claims to have everything under control. Their crime levels are skyrocketing and their governor is being accused of sexual […]

Unaccompanied Immigrant Children Have Increased by 60% at the Southern Border on Biden’s Watch–He’s Catching Hell From Republicans and Dems

It should come as no surprise how immigrants have once again congested the US southern border. Hoping to take advantage of Joe Biden’s liberal generosity they began their journeys north the very moment he was confirmed as America’s 46th president. As if the situation has not already surpassed the breaking point, an overwhelming number of […]

Former Marine Who Spent Five Years in an Iranian Prison Is Being Shafted by the FBI

When former US Marine Amir Hekmati was released from an Iranian prison in 2016 via a diplomatic move, it was hailed as a major breakthrough in US/Iran relations. Because of his ordeal, Hekmati qualified for $20-million in compensation from a little-known special government fund. But the check never arrived. And he may never see it. […]

Shortsighted Pelosi Robs Seat From Rightful Elected Official

The nasty Democrats are all about cheating their way into power. They are willing to deny the rightful winners of an election to suit their lust for authority and influence positions. Iowans cast their votes and narrowly chose a Republican to be their voice in the House. But as usual, the loser Democrat could not […]

This Is What the Lincoln Project Thought of Biden Until He Ran for Office. “He’s an Overbearing Jerk.”

Akin to an organ grinders monkey, some people will stick their hand out to whoever’s putting money in it. This especially holds true for anyone involved in the political realm in any capacity. The media gains revenue by slanting the news to better appease their base. Give people what they want to hear and they’ll […]

Virginia Residents Fight Back After County Moves to Disrespect US Flag

Since nearly the dawn of civilization, flags have been used as a sense of pride, patriotism, and loyalty, whether for a nation, a state, or even a family’s crest. There’s just something wholly symbolic and nearly sacred about waving a banner of loyalty to one’s heritage. America’s flag is no different. From the time it […]

Conservative Protestors Turn out in Michigan Against Big-Box Retailers ‘Cancelling’ My Pillow. It’s Communism Plain and Simple

Outspoken MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell catches an undue amount of static. Lindell is conservative to the core and is on the exact same page and paragraph as former President Donald Trump. As a result, every liberal-minded social media site and news outlet has stuffed rags in his mouth. A man with such logic and insight […]

Thanks for the High Gas Prices, Biden

All across the country, Joe Biden stood at podiums promising to make American life better. He promised to fix the economy and make it easier for Americans to afford day-to-day expenses. Upon election and inauguration, Biden has had plenty of opportunities to prove that he wasn’t full of empty promises. However, the only thing he […]

Second Childhood Icon of The Week Falls to Cancel Culture: Here’s What We’ve Lost in 2021 So Far

You may have noticed by now that there is virtually nothing sacred to liberals and their puppet masters. Shaking the foundations of Americans seems to be the go-to move, and this week has been no exception. Americans were still reeling from the “cancelation” of the beloved author known as Dr. Seuss when it was announced […]

Big Trouble Ahead for the GOP as More of Their Lawmakers Call It Quits…They’ve Had Enough…You Can Help

The golden years. If you aren’t already in them, good Lord willing, your time is coming. Retiring is a tough decision. Do you have a few good years left inside of you or do you start searching “fishing poles” on Amazon? When things go intolerably awry at a person’s place of employment, and if they […]

Can Chauvin Get a Fair Trial in Liberal Minneapolis for the Death of George Floyd? It Isn’t Looking Good

BLM protestors left a wake of destruction in their paths when the U.S. erupted into a raging inferno over the killing of George Floyd. “I can’t breathe” became their battle cry. Cancel culture came next. If any product, object, or thing even remotely hints at conveying racial overtones, be gone with it. Sorry, Uncle Ben. […]

Judge Orders New Election After Terrifying Discovery of Most Absentee Ballots

As the office of the United States President, America’s voting process is viewed by most citizens as somewhat of a sacred thing. It is one of the most significant things that make our nation unique and free. And yet, in recent days, it seems that both have been trampled through the mud, or at the […]

Fatal Crash Kills 13 Illegals Who Cut a Hole in a Section of Border Fence – We’re Back In Crisis Mode – Thanks, Biden

At least 13 people were killed in Southern California near the US/Mexico border when a Ford Expedition collided with a semi-truck in Imperial County. Others in the crash were injured. The Expedition had over two dozen illegal immigrants stuffed in the back who are believed to have made their way into the US via a […]

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