Biden Plays the Puppet on a Stage Owned by His Masters and Becomes the Summit Clown

The Democratic Party wishes that Joe Biden would be that obedient little boy they need him to be. They cannot afford to have him speaking out of turn or answering questions because he might tip the tables on their secret plans of taking over the country. He is that naughty little child that they wish […]

Ilhan Omar: Modern Day Robin Hood Seeks to Steal Money from Rich and Give to the Poor

There is nothing like watching a Democrat boil over with pride and reveal the Democrat’s true plan for the country. The lazy liberals have long sought to create conflict in order to keep people from guessing what their true motives are. They need conflict so they can develop pointless bills so they can hide their […]

Texas’ Governor Abbott Reverses Biden’s Halt on the Border Wall

Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor from Texas, just made a strong counter move against President Joe Biden. The governor announced that his state has allocated $1 billion in its fiscal year budget toward border security. Abbott shared on “The Ingraham Angle” that he will use a portion of that money to resume the building of the border […]

Locals Call Out Kamala After she Embarrassed America in Guatemala

The first female vice president is turning out to be about as underwhelming as the first Black president; which is to say that they’re both quite the disappointment. As it turns out, just like what Martin Luther King Jr. told us in the 60s, the color of someone’s skin doesn’t actually qualify (or disqualify) them […]

Harris Fumbles Like Biden When Asked About Border Crisis

There is nothing better in life than watching a high-profile Democrat make a mess of things when asked a simple question regarding the border crisis. Kamala Harris is the one charged with the job of securing the southern border, and so far, she has done nothing but avoid the issue for the past several months. […]

Biden Silent on Criticism About a “Gag” Order

President Joe Biden is being criticized by the press for a recent “gag order” preventing anyone who knows about the case in question from speaking. Biden is being blasted as undermining the freedom of the press. This story began as an effort from the Trump administration to investigate leaks to journalists. But now it has […]

FBI Pulls off Huge Sting in James Bond Style…Largest Int’l Drug/Murder-For-Hire Ring Is No More

Say what you will about the FBI but if you don’t rise and shine earlier than them they’ll fool ‘ya. The interesting thing is how their tactics are generally not cleverly masterminded schemes, they just know how to keep their mouths shut while they operate under a blanket of darkness. And man oh man did […]

Democrats Feeling Rope Tighten Around Their Necks as They Lose Key Races

The Democrats live in a world where they believe that every race they enter will be theirs to win. They firmly believe that people love them and will vote for them simply because they are part of the Democratic Party. One race that the Democrats are licking their wounds over centers around a small town […]

GOP Gov to Give Local Voting Rights to Noncitizens…

For over two hundred years, or basically ever since the American voting system was put into place, selecting our local and national leaders has only been a privilege of the American citizen. After all, it only makes sense that those who are not permanent residents of the United States shouldn’t get a voice in deciding […]

Biden’s Foolish Move to Curb Migration

The Biden administration is proving that they have no idea how to handle the immigration crisis or the economy. Their current plan is to send $861 million in federal aid to various Central American countries. They believe that this will help to target the root causes of “irregular migration.” Apparently, Kamala Harris has stumbled upon […]

Biden Says Mixed-Race Couples Only Exist in Advertising…

As the Biden Administration’s liberal reign continues, it’s becoming more and more apparent that our nation is as divided as ever. And while those on the left-leaning side would love to make everything about race and skin color, the fact of the matter is that it’s really all about politics. Nevertheless, the truth hasn’t stopped […]

CA Forms Committee to Determine How Much Blacks in State Are Owed in Reparations…CA Has Never Had Slaves

According to liberals, if you’re White, you’re a racist. You may not know it but there’s no getting around it. You inherited the gene from you’re long ago deceased ancestors whose names you don’t even know, all of whom surely must have owned slaves. Yep. If you’re White this is you. Isn’t it? Some of […]

Biden to Bring Back Illegals Trump Deported?

It’s pretty much a known fact at this point that the southern border of the United States is a complete mess. It’s also no secret that all of it stems from the poor decisions of Democratic President Joe Biden and his liberal staff. On day one in office, he wrote an executive order stopping the […]

Wishful DeSantis Challenger Says Florida “Isn’t a Red State?”

Over the last few years, Florida Republican and Governor Ron DeSantis has made more than a few waves in choosing how to run his state, particularly when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic. Naturally, his conservative, small government approach has given more than few liberals cause to want him out of office and soon. Democratic […]

33K Migrants Flock to Border, But Not from Mexico

When we talk about America’s southern border and immigration, as it is the one border where migrant travel, legal otherwise, occurs, we expect that those crossing are from neighboring countries like Mexico, El Salvador, and Guatemala. And for decades, that has most certainly been the case. But what if I told you that the southern […]

Unborn Babies to No Longer Be Killed by Liberals in Ohio City

The Democrats may have everyone thinking about border issues and higher gas prices. Still, there is one town of heroes focusing on the other issues that have broader ramifications. The issue of abortion has long been ignored in the news for the past several months. The liberals do not want to face the facts that […]

AOC’s Dramatic Recount of the Effects of Jan 6 Capitol Riots Not Surprisingly Have Hefty Price Tag

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez isn’t any stranger to the dramatic and over-the-top declaration, and we, her loyal viewers, are no strangers to hearing them. But it still sometimes hits a little differently when we remember just how painfully young and inexperienced the New York Democrat is. Such a reminder was doled out when Ocasio-Cortez made a […]

Biden Says Trump Campaigned on “Black Folks Are Taking Your Job’”

It’s no secret by now that Democratic President Joe Biden’s mental capabilities are not what they once were. Maybe that’s at least part of the reason we can’t help but find in the middle of lie after bald-faced lie. The latest comes from a recently published interview with The Atlantic’s Edward Isaac Dovere conducted shortly after Biden […]

GOP to Stop Hamas from Landing Another Israeli Punch…

Israel and Hamas have come to a cease-fire. Peace, albeit unstable, has been achieved for the region. And with that newly found peace, brought on only due to terrors and devastation both sides were facing, comes the obligation to build bridges and find ways to ensure that the same kind of rocket volleyball doesn’t happen […]

BLM Support Continues to Drop… I Wonder Why

As you well know, Black Lives Matter, better known as BLM, has been in many conversations over the last year or so. And according to the political left and their propaganda wing, aka mainstream media, they are doing America a great service by making us aware of the racism that clearly still exists in our […]

Top Biden “Ally” Throws Wrench in Biden’s Economic Plans

No doubt you’ve heard a few things about the Biden Administration’s “American Families Plan” they are trying to push through. At the top of the list is how it will help the economy by handing the childcare industry a whopping $225 billion to reopen doors and get kids back in school. They claim that this will allow […]

Racial Chick Meets With Select Color Toned People

Democrats of all shapes and sizes are coming out of the shadows and doing highly questionable things. They look at things and make decisions based on what they feel instead of what they want them to do. They push for equality while at the same time racially profiling people that they want to hurt or […]

Rural Oregon Set to Flee Liberal Governance

The Northwestern state of Oregon has long been a democratically held one. But just as Illinois is only Democratic because of Chicago, so too is Oregon only left-leaning because of its larger cities such as Portland and Eugene. When we look at voting trends statewide, most counties tend to vote Republican and have for some […]

Fourth Grader Schools Educators as Teachers Live Hypocrisy Before Students

The liberal schoolteachers at an elementary school in Florida had the jaws busted by a fourth grader that showed up at a district meeting. He had legitimate concerns about how the school was handling the mask mandate that they are imposing on all school kids in the school. His words of wisdom exposed the hypocrisy […]

Piping Support to Russia While Killing American Independence

Brainless Joe Biden is in trouble again as he takes steps of favoritism with America’s enemies. The first thing that Biden did when getting into office was spouting off how much he hated oil pipelines and the man that allowed the XL Pipeline to resume construction. He killed the deal and put thousands of people […]

Hey Liberals, Supreme Court Ruling Identifies You Won’t Be Coming for Our Guns…

All throughout the presidential primaries, we heard Democrats say that they would be coming for our guns. They didn’t care if it went against second amendment rights. All they knew is that they wanted to promote a higher level of gun control in the United States. Even now, as liberals fight to push gun control […]

2013 Campus Rape Victim Gets Second Chance for Justice as Alleged Attacker Finds Jesus

Perpetrators of personal crimes sometimes taunt their victims into believing it was them who caused their foul actions. Particularly in rape cases. It helps justify their unwanted and often violent intrusion. “You were asking for it by wearing that outfit.” In 2020, Shannon Keeler of Moorestown, NJ, was relaxing with her boyfriend on a short […]

California District Attorneys Fight for Transparency to Keep Prisoners Off the Streets

Governor Gavin Newsom and the California Department of Corrections have made decisions that would put Californians at great risk. The “criminal justice reform” project that is in place could release 76,000 inmates from state prisons a lot earlier than their original sentencing. Surely, not all of the 76,000 inmates pose a problem to society. Some […]

PETA Billboard Backfires in Mouthwatering Fashion

It’s become common, if not entirely expected, that when a liberal leftist, individual or group, doesn’t like a new law or policy put in place, they get personal, often attacking whoever was behind the idea. Unsurprisingly, that’s precisely what happened in March when Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt sided with his state’s agricultural and cattle industries […]

Half the Nation Standing up to Biden – Proves Trump Should Have Won the 2020 Election

According to a report by Dan Bongino, over half the nation is taking the Biden administration’s words very seriously, though it might not be the way they had hoped. For you see, over half the country has taken Joe Biden and his puppeteers so seriously, that they’ve set into action their plans to protect the […]

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