‘We Have a Drug Problem’…LSD Becomes Drug of Choice for Marines

Based out of North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune, the 2nd United States Marine Corp Division forms the ground combat element of the II Marine Expeditionary Force. Since 1941 this rough and tumble division has focused on attacking enemy fortified positions with immense skill and accuracy. But these days a new enemy has crept into the picture […]

Minneapolis Doubles Down on Dems’ Defund the Police Madness Amid Crime Explosion

The Minneapolis City Council has multiple members who have been pushing the proposals to defund the police. While their previous efforts were not successful, they have decided to issue a new proposal. These three members have a plan entitled “Safety 4 All” and they hope to slice $8 million from the Minneapolis Police Department budget […]

Must See! Watch This Election Observer Recount What Really Happened in Michigan Election (Video)

There are a number of Republican poll challengers who are trying to do things the right way. In a world full of cheaters and liars, they are the only ones left with some form of common decency. Andrew Sitto is one of them and he is here to tell his story. We just hope that […]

Progressives Show How Much They Hate the Public but Love Their Gatherings

Democrats all over the country are showing their true colors and how much they hate Americans by the way they are acting. Their hypocrisy leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth every time they shut down their regions and then go off and doing things that contradict their rules. People are sick of the left […]

Troops Can Say They’ll Be Home for Christmas

All troops want to do is to spend time with their loved ones around the holidays. While it’s nice that many companies send care packages and work with loved ones back home to send holiday wishes via video, they actually want to sit down to watch their kids open packages and to kiss their significant […]

The Left’s Class War Is Targeting the Poor and Middle Class to Enrich the Ultrawealthy and Politicians

The leftists of America have been engaging in open forms of class warfare for some time now. Of course, they have convinced the rest of the country that they are waging war against the upper class. Nothing could be further from the actual truth. The left has appointed themselves as the upper class and they […]

Silver Lining? Jill Biden Pledges to Work with Military Families

Talk about a House Divided. Jill Biden is all for working for military families because she’s been an educator for 35 years. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is planning to follow in Obama’s footsteps by slashing military budgets, making it harder for military families to live comfortably. Perhaps we should have been voting for Jill Biden. She […]

Geriatric Gibberish: Biden Emerges From His Basement & Holds Disastrous Press Conference

Basement-dweller geriatric Joe Biden emerged from his damp Delaware subterranean holding cell on Thursday to stand in front of a bank of microphones and attempt to mimic a sentient human being. For all of twenty minutes before his sweaty handlers whisked him away behind the curtain to disappear once again into the depths of his […]

Hoping Their Claim to Fame Will Last, Slovenia Is Pushing Their Line of First Lady Products…How About Some Melania Salami?

Prior to Donald Trump assuming the most powerful position in the world, First Lady Melania’s country of birth was known to but a small number of American’s. Slovenia has never been a hotspot vacation resort for the jet-set and if there is any significance to the quiet tiny nation it’s gone largely unnoticed. The Republic […]

What’s up With Tucker Carlson Turning Liberal? Is This Where FOX News Is Going Since the Dems Claimed the Election?

FOX News host Tucker Carlson has long served as a voice for the conservative community. According to a report by Neilson Media Research, Carlson’s viewership hit 4.3–million for two consecutive quarters, surpassing his FOX colleague, Sean Hannity. But Carlson has stumbled. Badly. And as a result, he is watching his here-to-now faithful followers hunting for […]

Former Fox Superstar Meghan Kelly Pulled Her Kids From School and Plans to Leave NYC After Aggressively Anti-White Curriculum Became Unavoidable

Former Fox News anchor Meghan Kelly has made an unexpected decision to leave the big city after her children were subjected to a destructive and corrupt curriculum in their private school. Kelly, who has founded Devil May Care Media in days since leaving daytime television,  is leaving the city after the school promoted a call […]

BLM Gets Sweet Karma for Attacking Trump Supporters in D.C.

There is a lot to be said about the people that hate law and order. Every single one of them would identify themselves as a liberal. They all hate conservatives because they believe that it is unfair that they have money, and the criminals do not. The most significant difference between the liberal felons and […]

Ex-Army Green Beret Served Sensitive Information to Russia for 15 Years…He’s About to Burn in Hell for It

Peter Rafael Dzibinski Debbins, 45, currently residing in Gainesville, Virginia, is heading for the slammer once he pleads guilty of sharing secrets with Russia. The former Army Green Beret is preparing to do just that as he soon heads to federal court in Alexandria. The court records for Debbins case are not specific concerning exactly […]

Watch Georgia Recount Auditors Call Ballots for Biden Even Though They Are Clearly Marked for Trump (Video)

Project Veritas has been monitoring the discrepancies when it comes to the ballot related issues that always seem to favor Joe Biden. Now, they have insiders who have been paying attention to the Georgia recounts and they are catching all sorts of additional problems. “The second person was supposed to be checking it right, three […]

Another Court Sides with Harvard on Racist Admission Processes

Harvard Law has long been the epitome of leftist elitism. And as such, they are all about identity politics. But in the past few years, it seems, they have taken this idea of coddling typically marginalized minorities to an extreme. In fact, it was found that it was actually harder for white and especially Asian […]

Biden Warns Israel That He Intends to Get Back in Bed With Iran and Reverse US-Israel Policy

On one hand, this is a terrible thing for anyone who appreciated the previous administration and everything that they tried to accomplish when it comes to foreign policy. On the other, at least Joe Biden is actually keeping one of the promises that he made during his campaign. American foreign policy is definitely going to […]

VIDEO: Nevada AG Admits That They Changed Signature Verification Manually for Over 200,000 Votes

Adam Laxalt, former Nevada Attorney General, made an appearance on Fox News and blew the whole ballot fraud discussion wide open. He had a frank interview with Shannon Bream about the matter and it is a great watch. Finally, someone is willing to tell like it is about the election. We have been forced to […]

Tillis Wins North Carolina Despite Dems Spending Almost 300 Million

Decision Desk HQ called this race earlier but from the looks of it, none of the other outlets have been willing to do so. They needed to wait for the concession from Democrat Cal Cunningham before they were ready to go on record. Believe it or not, this was actually the single most expensive race […]

US Government Services Refuse to Fund Biden Transition

As I am sure you know, the political left would like for you to believe that the 2020 election is done and over with. According to them, their candidate, former vice president Joe Biden won with flying colors. However, we all know that’s not exactly what happened. In fact, the election is still far from […]

AOC Sees Herself as a Political God: She Blames Loser Democrats for Election

One could only hope that the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would quit politics and disappear forever. Her hatred for senior leadership of all parties is offensive to the American political landscape. She fights with people within her party with the hopes of causing division. The spidery politician is the epidemy of hostile actions. She believes that she […]

Leading Senate Republican Finally Stands up for Trump Encouraging Him to ‘Not Concede’ and ‘Fight Back’ Against Alleged Voter Fraud

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman and respected Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has been one of the first longtime Republican lawmakers to fully support President Donald Trump’s claim of fraud in the ongoing push to certify a president from the Nov 3 election. Trump has continued his pre-election assertion that there was cheating on the part of […]

Dems Attack Each Other After Epic House and Senate Fails

Biden is supposedly on the verge of taking home the presidency. You have probably noticed that the Democrats are not exactly celebrating all that much. Why is this? They have been whining about President Trump for the past four years. That’s because the GOP is very likely to retain control of the Senate. Get ready […]

Surprise! After Voting to Defund the Police in Oakland Citizens Are Surprised Violent Crime Has Exploded

Alicia Garza is a Black Lives Matter co-founder and a resident of Oakland. When the movement to defund police stations began this year, Oakland was one of the cities that responded in a most decisive manner. Back in July, the Oakland City Council had a unanimous vote. They would form a 17 person task force […]

Tucker Carlson Unloads on ‘Disgusting’ Ruling Class

The record-breaking host of Fox News channel, Tucker Carlson, once again spoke for many conservatives on Monday when he called out the United States “ruling class” the day before the 2020 presidential election, calling them “disgusting” and pointing to the damage that the shadow rules will do if former Vice President Joe Biden takes the […]

Another Terror Attack in Europe. This Time in Vienna

The details are still rather sketchy at this point but the Vienna police are sharing what they do know. A message was posted by the LPDWein account on Twitter. “Shots fired in the Inner City district – there are persons injured – KEEP AWAY from all public places or public Transport – don’t share any […]

Ilhan Omar Displays Ignorance in Live Interview About Supreme Court

Minnesota Democrat Rep. Ilhan Omar displayed once again why Americans should view her grand statements with circumspection when she claimed during a town hall that the Supreme Court’s approval rating is the lowest of the three branches of the federal government. Omar, whose entire candidacy and time in office has been shrouded in mistrust, misunderstandings, […]

Two of Nation’s Swankiest Neighborhoods Find Out How Much They Need Police

Manhattan and Rodeo Drive got a taste of just how needful police are over the weekend after Antifa protesters caused violence to be the centerpiece of two of the nation’s swankiest areas ahead of the Nov 3 presidential election. According to The New York Post, anti-Trump protesters clashed with police on Sunday in Manhattan on […]

Homeland Security Announces Trump Campaign Promise Already Fulfilled Days Prior to Election

The Department of Homeland Security announced just days ago that President Donald Trump had followed through on one of his campaign promises in a big way, giving him an unexpected way of confirming that he had kept his 2016 campaign promise. “Today the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) […]

Ha! Multi-Millionaire CEO Warns Americans of Civil War if They Don’t Vote for Biden

Nothing says realism in politics like the CEO of a multi-million dollar software company telling the peons who they should let make their decisions for the next four years or face a potential bloody backlash. Such was the scene at the inboxes of around 10 million customers of Expensify, as they read an email from […]

Biden Calls a Lid Panicking After Bobulinski Interview Airs on Tucker Carlson

Joe Biden sure does love his early lids, doesn’t he? This is a man who never met an early bedtime that he didn’t enjoy. The Tony Bobulinski interview on Fox News probably sent him over the edge. Bobulinski accused Biden of engaging in outlandish lies about his level of involvement in his son Hunter’s various […]

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