Expressions Say It All…and the One on This Victims Face Says Andrew Cuomo Is a Lecherous Dirtbag

When the legendary singer James Brown released his hit song “It’s a Mans World” in 1966, this may have been more the case. But times have changed. The Me Too movement has given courage to thousands of victimized women who have remained silent for too long, and they’re telling on people. No man who has […]

California’s Billion Dollar Plan to Get Kids Back in School is Nauseating

Why exactly will it take billions of dollars to open up schools in California? It cost the schools in Florida and Texas and across other Republican-run states virtually nothing. Yet, the land of the liberals loves to squander money. And if those within the school districts can give themselves a lofty raise in the process, […]

Democrats to Nuke Biden by Taking Away Decision to Use Nuclear Bombs

Democrats are continuing their fight to gain real power among themselves. Their lust for power and the choice to wield over others makes them especially dangerous and unstable as a political party. Joe Biden sits in the seat of envy as he harbors the most powerful seat of authority. A place that every Democrat aspires […]

The Spies We Can’t Live Without

Most of us just want a private, comfortable life, in which we can enjoy the conveniences of modern society while pursuing our own personal happiness. The problem is, the conveniences of modern society we covet are secretly making our lives increasingly less private. Many times, we don’t even know they’re tracking us. The typical American […]

BREAKING: Biden Is Rolling Out Sanctions Against Russia…He Just Poked Putin

Not that Russia has ever done the U.S. any huge favors, but at least we’ve remained on friendly enough terms with them to avoid any trouble. The past four years have seen a calming peacefulness between two world powers like never before seen. But things are different now. There’s a new sheriff in town, and […]

Rand Paul Speaks for Every American When Grilling Biden’s Transgender HHS Nominee

Republican Sen. Rand Paul spoke for conservative the nation over when he took President Joe Biden’s Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary nominee to task during a nomination hearing earlier in the week. Biden’s nominee, Dr. Rachel Levine, is a transgender health official who was assigned male at birth and now claims to be female. […]

And the Wars Are Back! Biden Orders Brutal Bombardment of Syria to Punish – Iran?

United States airstrikes on Syria were personally approved by Joe Biden yesterday. He’s looking to put a stop to the Iranian backed militia attacks on United States forces that are currently stationed in Iraq. Reuters was the first news outlet to break the story. A facility in Syria that is said to belong to militias […]

Sicknick’s Mother Speaks up and Corrects the Record: “He Was Not Beaten by a Fire Extinguisher, He Died From a Stroke”

The mainstream media and various leftist outlets demanded to see body cam footage in the wake of George Floyd’s death and we all remember it well. The 18 minute video was released almost immediately. From there, the entire conversation got far more complex than anyone could have ever imagined. “Two days after MN Police Officer […]

Another Pelosi Impeachment Hoax Implodes! Former Capitol Police Chiefs Testifies That Leftists Were Irrefutably Part of Jan 6 Attack (Video)

Democrat narratives keep getting destroyed these days and we are loving every second of it. Ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund is sharing some very important information that the liberals might like to hear. Sund dropped the bomb during a hearing before the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees. Lawmakers had to be stunned when they […]

No Surprise Here! Waves of Blue Collar Workers Join Republican Party After Biden’s Devastating Slew of Executive Orders

Democrats’ continuous embrace of the far left has been put on display for all to see. This plan may have gotten them some short term gains but the long term effects are tough to swallow. For starters, all of the blue collar workers are starting to flock to the Republican party instead. It’s easy to […]

Are They Ever Giving Back Their Power? the COVID Dictatorship in America Will Last Until at Least 2022 Says Generalissimo Fauci

When this whole ordeal first began, we were told that we needed to stay inside for a month or two before all would be well. Of course, no one can be too stunned by what happened next. The Democrats used this crisis as a power grab and they are still trying to see how much […]

Anyone See that Bus? Biden Just Drove it Over Psaki

Joe Biden’s not big on looking bad in the press. If someone calls him out on something, he’ll get behind the wheel of a bus and throw anyone under it who says otherwise. That’s what President Biden did recently – he threw White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki under the bus because she dared to […]

Cuomo’s Trying to Get NY High to Get More Votes

The desperation is starting to stink up the air across New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo is up for re-election in 2022. With his failure to lead through COVID-19, he’s in jeopardy of losing the election. After all, most people aren’t lining up to vote for someone responsible for killing thousands in nursing homes. So, Cuomo […]

Trump to Confront Republicans? International Publications Spill Details of Trump’s Future Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

Following the death of congressional Democrats’ epic failure of a second attempt at the impeachment of President Donald Trump, the former president’s supporters are left wondering what comes next for the man they believe should still be in the Oval Office. While his second term is not entirely ruled out, as he could run again […]

Ron DeSantis Laughs at Biden’s Reopening School Procedures

Joe Biden’s plan to reopen schools is a laughable attempt at an old man to do something that is beyond his power to achieve. His plan calls for a 50 percent reopening of schools across the country. His CDC team even calls for an 80 percent closure of schools across the country. It seems that […]

WHO Tries to Act Like Reputable Organization but is Caught by Ted Cruz

The World Health Organization is back to acting like all is well within their little world. At one point, the corrupt organization joined forces with China to coverup the China virus. Money meant more to them than doing the right thing and alerting the world to the dangerous virus that was beginning to sweep across […]

Terror Group With Motto ‘Death to America’ Gets Incredible Favor From Biden Administration

In a move that came as a shock to Americans the country over, President Joe Biden has done what many feared he would do and made a path for dangerous and violent jihadist criminals to find themselves free in American society today. According to, the Biden administration has caused an international stir with the […]

The Alarm Has Been Sounded on Biden’s Immigration Policies

By now, I think it’s pretty safe to say newly-elected President Joe Biden has written far too many executive orders. And most have not exactly gone over well with the American people, not that he cares. In particular, are those dealing with immigration issues. At least eight of his now forty-some orders have something to […]

The True Story of the Alleged Murder Attempt of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Twitter is in a love affair with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because of how she can draw a crowd of followers as she publishes the fictional stories of her encounters with life. Her followers loved the way she lied about her near-death experience with protestors that never came into the building where her office is located. Twitter […]

Wall Street is Funding Genocide in China

Capitalism made America – and it may just be America’s undoing if corporate greed on Wall Street cannot restrain itself. This is something that both President Donald J. Trump and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT) agree on: American corporations have sold out America to China over the past several decades. Wall Street has developed a […]

Tom Brady Won Yet Another Super Bowl and Dems Cry Foul Because – Wait for It – It’s All Racism of Course

Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days, you are probably already well aware of the results of the Super Bowl. Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers easily dispatched Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs. This shouldn’t be a political discussion in most instances. So why are we discussing it […]

Finally Someone Speaks up! Florida’s Desantis Takes on Big Tech Monopolies

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced important legislation that is sure to upset the powers that be at Big Technology. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, Amazon, and Apple would all have to think twice before proceeding. User data would not be able to be sold and content could not be censored on these platforms. “What were once […]

AOC Makes Demands That Will Bankrupt America

We’ve always known that the Democrats are the ones who are less fiscally responsible. They pull random numbers out of their heads when it comes to the plans they want to fund. Two trillion, three trillion – sure, why not? Most of the Democratic politicians have no idea where the money will come from. It […]

Party of Science? Biden Cracks Down to Silence CDC Chief Who Declared Schools Are Safe to Open

Rochelle Walensky is the new CDC director and the “party of science” is already trying their best to argue with her. We can remember a time when Trump was supposed to be the CDC’s biggest enemy. He was accused of humiliating his own CDC chief during a press conference. Robert Redfield drew his ire because […]

Psaki Facing Turmoil as She Makes Fun of the Military Elite

The Democrats know just what to say when it comes to ridicule and insulting people. There seem to be no filters in place when each one of them opens their mouths to speak. Such is the case with Jen Psaki, who is the White House Press Secretary. Psaki sits in a position that demands that […]

Biden’s Purge Is Here! Biden’s Defense Secretary Fires Hundreds of Pentagon Employees for the Crime of Voting for Trump

Lloyd Austin is Joe Biden’s defense secretary and he made a decision that is going to send shock waves through the conservative community. The Pentagon advisory boards were purged. He relieved hundreds of members of their posts. So what was the reasoning for these very extreme actions? Their rationale was very simple, actually. The Biden […]

Biden Opens the Doors of American Resources as China Moves in for the Kill

History teaches that a country that shows off its wealth is doomed to be invaded. Joe Biden’s leaking head is stuffed full of delusional thinking and ideas about America and its enemies. He believes that China is not a threat to the United States. He stated that “China is going to eat our lunch? Come […]

Really? Segregation Again, But This Time, Black Students Are Demanding It

Didn’t we move past segregation? It ended in 1964 when President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. It was designed to help bring the races together so that we wouldn’t have systemic racism in the country any longer. Suddenly, white kids and black kids could go to the same school. Various races could […]

China Threatens War Over Taiwan While Biden’s Counting the Billions His Family Received From the Chinese Communist Party

The Biden administration may have claimed that they were going to focus strictly on American priorities during the initial months of their reign. However, the Chinese are pushing that plan to the breaking point. Near as we can tell, they are looking to poke at Biden until they get a reaction. They are looking to […]

Biden’s Just as Racist as You Think — and the West Wing Proves It

Joe Biden does a pretty good job of making people forget that he’s the oldest president that’s ever been inaugurated. He also helps people to forget that he’s the white man that so many Americans swore they wouldn’t vote for. When you listen to Biden, he talks about diversity. He chose a black female vice […]

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