Biden Calls a Lid Panicking After Bobulinski Interview Airs on Tucker Carlson

Joe Biden sure does love his early lids, doesn’t he? This is a man who never met an early bedtime that he didn’t enjoy. The Tony Bobulinski interview on Fox News probably sent him over the edge. Bobulinski accused Biden of engaging in outlandish lies about his level of involvement in his son Hunter’s various […]

Philadelphia EXPLODES After Anarchists Riot

The Radical Left will use any excuse to burn down a city. And yet Joe Biden refuses to condemn the Extreme Left because he secretly agrees with their Radical Marxist Agenda. Not only does the Extreme Left want to defund the police, thereby making our communities less safe, but they don’t want law enforcement to […]

Biden’s Plan to Eliminate Fossil Fuels Keeps Backfiring on His Campaign

The Washington Post is offering up a rare concession and we are stunned. Of course, they are framing it in a certain way. They can’t simply call out Joe Biden for his astonishing incoherence. It has to be framed as an attack from the Republicans. From the onset of his campaign, Biden attempted to talk […]

First Joe, Now Kamala: Harris Shows Signs of Dementia as She Forgets Where She Is

Kamala Harris loves to play the game of acting as if she cares about people when she really does not. She engages people like she is their best friend and can pick them out of a crowd of a thousand people. But the truth about how she really feels about people and the country came […]

Let’s Get the Kids to School, Even NYT Agrees

One of the first steps to getting the economy back on track is getting the kids back to school. Once kids are safely in the classroom, many parents can get back into the stores, the offices, and the restaurants. The problem is that Dems don’t want to get the kids back to school because they […]

FBI Warns Americans About Iran’s Desperate Attempts to Help Get Biden Elected

The FBI recently conducted a brief press conference to let Americans know more about foreign interference in our upcoming election. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe made an incredibly important announcement. Iran and Russia are both actively attempting to interfere in the presidential election. “First we have confirmed that some voter registration information has been […]

Toobin’s History of Sexual Misconduct is Nothing New…But Doing This on a Video Call Takes the Cake

With COVID-19 still spreading its droplets of death from sea to shining sea, executives who at one time gathered around large solid oak conference tables are now using the power of the internet to host their meetings. They can interact with one another and discuss business as usual. ZOOM is the king of all online […]

Hispanics are Voting Republican in Record Numbers…They Love Their Macho-Man

Donald Trump descended the steps of Air Force One to the tune of the Village People’s “Macho Man.” Much to the delight of his overly-enthusiastic fanbase he even busted a couple of dance moves. Feeling invigorated after kicking his bout of COVID-19 to the curb, Trump displayed the picture of health as he dove into […]

Secret WWII ‘Earthquake Bomb’ Detonates 75 Years After It Was Dropped

War is an ugly occurrence, costing nations thousands upon thousands of lives. But not all of the damage from these tragedies is immediately felt or even realized. Some can lie dormant for nearly a century before threatening to harm even more lives, as this story proves. It comes to us from the Piast Canal, in […]

Outrageous! Facebook Bans Video Showing Black Supporters Chanting “We Love Trump” as Dangerous

The Freedom Rally and March in Washington DC took place on Saturday. This should have been a joyous occasion. Multitudes of black Donald Trump supporters took to the streets, in hopes of spreading the good word about their candidate. The liberals who love to tell anyone who will listen that Trump is an awful racist […]

Yes, Really! California Decides Schoolwork is Racist in New Grading Scale

Grades in school have always been based on a number of things – scores on tests, the ability to turn in homework on time, and even your attitude in class. California has decided that some of those things are racist – and have established a completely new grading scale. The San Diego Unified School District […]

Social Media Censorship: The Left Refuses to Let You See the Bad in Biden

The first amendment of the Constitution gives us the right to free speech. It is our right as Americans to publish what we want. It is then our right as Americans to decide what we want to believe. We can do our own fact-checking. We can determine if something is fake news or not. The […]

What’s Kamala Harris Up To? Jones Says She’s ‘Dangerous’

Democrat vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has been every bit as interesting to conservatives in this election cycle as the presidential candidate, Joe Biden, himself. Thanks to what is believed to be a steep decline in Biden’s cognitive function, many believe that should the Democrat ticket be deemed the winners, it would be a Harris […]

17-Year Old Cancelled, Expelled for Sharing Conservative Thoughts on Instagram

A 17-year-old student from a Virginia boarding school has found themselves in hot water because of a social media post. Since they are opposing the Black Lives Matter movement and posting conservative content on their page, people are furious. Mackenzie Andrysiak is the 17-year-old in question. She has now obtained a legal representative to help […]

Trump Receives His Fourth Nobel Peace Prize Nomination – See Why

If the political left it to be believed, President Trump is the worst president and possibly even man in American history. They would claim that he is not only despised on a national level here at home but that his ruthless and demeaning outlook on life has left a bad taste in nearly everyone’s mouth […]

Maxine Waters in Hot Water as Her Queenship Lifestyle Haunts Her Campaign

Joe Collins is a national hero running against the devil’s puppet, Maxine Waters, for her government seat. He is a retired Navy veteran who is tired of how Waters has ignored and treated the people of her California district. He has made it his mission to unseat the fraud Waters and start to make things […]

More Biden Supporters Going on a Looting Spree – This Time in Milwaukee (Video)

More riots took place in Milwaukee, as another decision came down that the leftists did not like. When an officer was cleared of wrongdoing in an incident that took place in January, these citizens took to the streets. As usual, it did not take long before the protests took a more violent turn. Officers are […]

Seriously? Biden Urges Haitians to Deliver the Death Blow to Trump (Video)

Perhaps Joe Biden really has lost his mind. As he visited an audience made up primarily of Haitians in Miami, he asked everyone to “think about this” – and asked the crowd to deliver the final blow to President Trump. Oh, Biden. He asked the crowd to deliver the “coup de grace” by voting for […]

AOC Strikes Again! Demands Cuomo and de Blasio Raise Taxes Amid Economic Turmoil

As much as I might hate to admit it, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t make it to Congress simply because she’s “easy on the eyes,” as some have referred to her as. Instead, she proved to have a quick wit and intelligent mind, at least when it came to outmaneuvering long time Democrat Representative […]

Finally! Here’s What Chris Wallace’s Colleagues Have To Say About His Debate Performance

The debate was attended by the presidential candidates of the two major parties, President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden The event was also unexpectedly punctuated by a third, seemingly biased voice of former Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. Wallace was called out by many in his industry for the way he handled […]

Joe Biden Claims He’s Against the Green New Deal but His Campaign Says Otherwise

Joe Biden’s flip-flopping has reached an all-time high. You probably noticed it if you had the misfortune of tuning into the last debate. First, he said he was trying to get rid of gas and coal plants in the United States. He also wants to weatherize at least four million buildings. From there, he proceeded […]

Campaign Goes to Joe Biden’s Head: Claims to be the Entire Democratic Party

“I am the Democratic Party right now.” Those are big words spoken by Joe Biden during the first presidential debate. He may be the presidential candidate, but he’s certainly not the entire party. The biggest problem with the Democratic Party is that there’s a huge disconnect. They don’t have the same ideals. Realistically, the party […]

Biden’s Economic Plan Will Result in Americans Being Fired Left and Right

Joe Biden has big plans for the country if he is elected as president. Whether he remembers what they are should he get into the White House is another story. However, there will be plenty of liberal lackeys to remind him how he is going to destroy the economy and leave countless Americans without a […]

Biden’s Racism Shows When He Explains Why He Could Remain Sequestered

Joe Biden’s either senile, racist, or a bit of both. Over the past year during his run for the presidency, he’s been accused of both on multiple occasions. Even his now running mate Kamala Harris accused him of being racist. While that’s supposed to be water under the bridge at this point between them, it […]

Ilhan Omar in Huge Trouble for Paying for Votes and Exploiting the Elderly…This Could Abruptly End Her Career

Similar to what a CIA agent might do, news journalists sometimes go underground. They show up incognito without flashing cameras or video recorders to get closer to the inside of a scoop. The underground news agency, “Project Veritas,” specializes in the art of sneaking in undetected to get to the bottom of a matter which […]

Liberal Bullies: Veteran Brutally Beat for MAGA Hat

How is it that the Dems are allowed to bully the right, but the right cannot dare to bully them right back? It’s a double-standard that’s becoming more and more obvious. As the country gets closer to the General Election, the left is becoming increasingly less tolerant of MAGA and everything that Trump stands for. […]

Watch a Biden Supporter Hit a Police Officer With a Bat After Knocking Him Down

Protests broke out all over the country as news of the Breonna Taylor decision in Louisville spread far and wide. The citizens of Seattle took to the streets within hours of hearing about the story. Seattle police officers were attacked by the rioters and some very ugly scenes broke out as a result. One officer […]

VP or AG, Kamala Harris Will Huff and Puff Her Way into the White House

Kamala Harris is determined to have a profound effect on America. The question is, will she have the opportunity? Although she’s been considered the frontrunner for the VP position, will that give her the kind of power that she’s looking for? According to the former San Fran mayor, maybe not. Willie Brown, the former mayor […]

Biden Chickens Out: Refuses Cognitive Test

It has been a concern and even an assumption for quite some time that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden might not be up for the job he is applying to. As I am sure you are aware, the man has made more than a few blunders during his campaign, and not all of them could […]

AOC Gets Spanked by Cuomo in DNC Election

The younger generation of Democrats is finding out that they must work hard to be placed in any position of authority within the Democratic Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got spanked when she tried to challenge Andrew Cuomo for the lead of New York’s Democratic National Convention. The little snake actually thought that she could beat out […]

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