Is This Real? Pentagon to Announce Major UFO Program

It’s been a very long year but perhaps some of you remember the talk about the Pentagon’s UFO/UAP programs. While some of us were shouting about it from the rooftops, mainstream media outlets were not having any of it. CNN and the like ignored the reports entirely. All of a sudden, the tide has turned and these outlets are no longer to willing to keep their mouths closed.

We are not saying that’s a bad thing, either. In fact, we urge these outlets to continue spreading the word. For once, they are actually speaking out about something of importance. Jake Tapper and Michael Smerconish have both had their own segments about the topic recently. Last night, CNN took a major step forward in their coverage.

They released breaking news about the United States military and their desire to learn more about UFOs. Nowadays, they are calling them “unidentified aerial phenomena” and that’s fine with us. According to this cable news staple’s sources, the Pentagon is in the process of creating a task force to study the phenomena.

The task force will be announced soon but there are some who are going to ask obvious questions. For starters, didn’t we already have a task force of this nature? We are wondering why a new one is being formed. At any rate, two different defense officials are confirming the news and the task force will investigate any UFOs that have been seen by United States military aircraft.

The task force is going to be overseen by Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist. In the next few days, we expect to hear more. The efforts are also being led by the United States Navy, who is responsible for many of the encounters with unidentified aircraft. The Department of Defense was not willing to respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Pentagon officials and Congress members have been expressing concerns about the presence of any unidentified aircraft at United States military bases. Our nation’s military jets are at risk if we are not ready to address the issue. Some believe that the aircraft are operated by some of our nation’s most powerful adversaries who are looking to gather intelligence.

Except that is specifically says a NEW task force is being created, Deputy Secretary of Defense David Norquist will help oversee it, and it will be “officially unveiled in the next few days, according to the officials.”

— Jason McClellan Ⓥ (@Acecentric) August 13, 2020

That probably makes more sense than any of the theories that involve extraterrestrials. The Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force has been in operation for months now, ever since we first got word about the existence of these UFOs. The Pentagon confirmed some of our longest held beliefs when they let the world know that UFOs exist.

Now, we are going to have the chance to learn more. Senator Marco Rubio also confirmed the existence of this task force when he spoke out about some new legislation from the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Did CNN know about the new task force or is this a different one?


— Jazz Shaw (@JazzShaw) August 13, 2020

It’s a question that needs to be answered as soon as possible. There are three distinct possibilities at play here. The aforementioned officials were speaking out of turn, the existing program is being revamped or there actually is a whole new task force. The last option seems unlikely, to be quite honest.

The government does not like to discuss such topics under most circumstances. Why would they willfully generate new headlines on the matter? The Pentagon is an absolute behemoth and we highly doubt that they would get something like this done so quickly. On the other hand, the United States government can move rapidly when they are properly motivated.

Lt. Tim McMillan seems to think so. He’s taken to Twitter and essentially staked his reputation on the creation of a whole new task force. While he could be wrong, he does seem pretty confident about things. Unless CNN and the like are willing to go silent again, we should be hearing more about this story in the days to come. Some major revelations are likely in store.