One of Biden’s Gender-fluid Appointees Just Got Arrested for Stealing a Woman’s Clothes

Ron Adar /
Ron Adar /

One of Joe Biden’s gender non-binary freakazoids got arrested more than a month ago on felony charges.

We know what you’re probably thinking. (“Which one?”) This would be the obviously mentally disturbed dude that Joe Biden put in charge of the nation’s spent nuclear fuel at the Department of Energy.

Sam Brinton, a lady-dude with a mustache, was busted for stealing a woman’s luggage and clothes in full view of security cameras at the Minneapolis airport. It’s always the last person you suspect, right?

The weirdo uses they/them pronouns, so we’re going to try to be respectful of that, even though it is a butchery of the English language. Sam Brinton bragged about his – sorry! Sam Brinton bragged about THEIR appointment to the DoE as the first non-binary person to hold a position of authority in the US government while sporting a red women’s jumpsuit, red lipstick, and American flag stiletto high heels.

Brinton was captured on surveillance video at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport on September as he – sorry, as THEY ripped the ID tag off a $2,325 Vera Bradley suitcase and walked away with the luggage and its entire contents. He was then spotted at the airport in DC on two separate occasions using the suitcase as if it were his own. Oh, whoops. THEY were then spotted… oh, you get the idea. We’re just going to call him a “him” because this is all just too painfully stupid.

When the cops identified the Biden administration official who had committed felony theft on camera, they went to talk to him. It looks like the whole thing may have been premeditated. Brinton didn’t have any checked luggage on his flight to MSP, according to the cops, so he had no reason to be in the baggage claim area in the first place. Then, he walked out with the expensive designer suitcase as if it were his.

“If I had taken the wrong bag, I am happy to return it,” he told the cops, “but I don’t have any clothes for another individual. That was my clothes when I opened the bag.”

Right. Somehow the bag became packed with his own clothes, and the clothes of the lady he stole the suitcase from were not in it. Hey, maybe the clothes transitioned!

Brinton called the cops back a couple of hours later and told them he may not have been “completely honest” with them. In the newer version of his story, he claimed he took the bag by mistake because he was tired. He then claimed that when he realized he had picked up the “wrong” bag, he left the woman’s clothes in his hotel room and kept the bag. He thought it would be “weirder” if he kept the woman’s clothes. No disagreement here!

Only… when the police checked with the hotel, there were no women’s clothing left in Brinton’s room. So, basically, it looks like this dude stole the lady’s bag and her clothes.

The price tag for the luggage alone makes the crime a felony. It’s hard to imagine that someone with a $2,300 suitcase didn’t have some really expensive designer women’s clothing in the bag as well.

And what has happened to Brinton after he was caught on camera committing felony theft? Nothing at all. Not only did the Biden regime not tell the public that Brinton was arrested on felony charges, but they also didn’t fire him or claim that he “had to resign due to a family emergency” or something. They just ignored it.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear about the January 6ers who are still being held without trial two years later for misdemeanor trespassing.