MAXIMUM RED ALERT! Fauci-Funded Scientist Planned To Release Coronavirus In Bat Caves 18 Months Before Pandemic

(Liberty Bell) – A United States grant proposal reveals that American and Chinese researchers working at the Wuhan Institute of Virology were seeking funding for a very risky plan to make coronavirus particles transmissible to human beings and then release them into the bat population. Why in the world would these people want to do […]

BREAKING: Chinese Whistleblower Claims COVID Outbreak INTENTIONAL

(Liberty Bell) – As time continues to pass during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s becoming more and more clear that there is a lot more going on with this outbreak than we originally thought, and it’s completely terrifying. According to a new report from Infowars, a whistleblower who defected from the Chinese Communist Party has come […]

Bombshell Testimony: Top Scientists At Vaccine Hearing Reveal Injections Killing More People Than Saving

(Liberty Bell) – There is no question about it, the vaccines are dangerous. While tens of millions of Americans have been duped into getting the jabs, tens of millions more are skeptical, to say the least. It would appear their skepticism is justified. Several doctors from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave startling testimony […]

Final Arizona Election Audit Results To Be Released Sept. 24

(Liberty Bell) – It seems like we’ve been waiting an eternity for the final report to come out concerning the Arizona forensic audit on the results of the 2020 presidential election, but it appears we’re finally going to get some answers later this month. According to WND, the report with the final results from Maricopa […]

Retired Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Blows Whistle On The 2020 Election

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the fact that the mainstream media and Democrats have insisted there was absolutely no fraud in the 2020 presidential election there have been mountains of evidence proving the exact opposite. Of course there were outright fraudulent schemes like ballot harvesting, dead voters and the whole mail-in voting scam but there were […]

JPMorgan Makes Shocking Discovery About Delta Variant

(Liberty Bell) – The supposed COVID-19 “Delta” variant opened the door for the Biden regime to decree vaccine mandates for nearly 100 million Americans. Though the federal government didn’t actually order Americans to get vaccinated, they did order businesses with over 100 employees to order their employees to get the jab. The Delta variant paved […]

Articles Of Impeachment Filed Against Biden

(Liberty Bell) – A group of Republican lawmakers has decided that enough is enough when it comes to the constant flubs, gaffes, and disastrous mishandling of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal and have taken action by filing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden, also going on to cite the border crisis and the eviction moratorium that […]

‘Virus Bomb’: PROOF Biden Is Intentionally Flooding The Country With Non-Vaxxed Haitian Migrants

(Liberty Bell) – Last Sunday, a whopping 15,000 Haitians were squatting beneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas. Today, there are less than 10,000 of them left in their camps. What happened to all those other thousands of individuals? You can probably already guess where this is going. For Joe Biden to be applying massive […]

OUTRAGE: Trump’s Surgeon General Says He Can’t Refinance Home Because Of Biden

(Liberty Bell) – President Donald Trump might have been a little rough around the edges and the kind of guy who wasn’t politically correct, but one thing he never did to his political enemies was “unperson” them the same way that Joe Biden has allegedly done since taking office. According to WND, Jerome Adams, who […]

Special Report: FDA Official Wants ‘Nazi Germany Registry’ For Unvaccinated Americans

(Liberty Bell) – Many folks on the right have been making comparisons for how the unvaccinated in America are being treated to the Jews in Nazi Germany, which has made a lot of folks uncomfortable and a little angry, but it’s totally justified. Especially after the comments that were made by an official who works […]

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