Doctor Drops Bombshell: “The Whole Pandemic Was A TROJAN HORSE For Vaccines — Fauci Is The Epitome Of Evil.”

(Liberty Bell) – COVID-19 frontline doctor from Houston, Dr. Stella Immanuel, thinks that the whole “pandemic” is nothing more than a “Trojan Horse” for vaccines that have been designed by Bill Gates to depopulate the earth. According to a recent report from the Gateway Pundit, Dr. Stella ended up going viral after speaking the truth […]

Military Purge: Biden Admin Threatens Navy SEALs

(Liberty Bell) – There is currently a growing number of U.S. Navy SEALs who are seeking religious exemptions for the current COVID-19 vaccine mandate put out by the Defense Department. These individuals are finding themselves being threatened and in a few cases actually harassed into caving in and getting the shots. According to a new […]

Here We Go => 138 Legislators From 38 States Sign “New Declaration Of Independence”

(Liberty Bell) – Things are definitely heating up here in the United States. A new report from the Gateway Pundit has revealed that Arizona State Sen. Wendy Rogers has drafted a “New Declaration of Independence,” which makes the call for a nationwide full forensic audit and decertification of electors where appropriate, along with a possible […]

Trump Releases Epic Statement On Colin Powell’s Passing

(Liberty Bell) – Colin Powell, 84, died on Monday from COVID-19 despite being fully vaccinated against the CCP virus. Unhinged liberals in the media and on Twitter quickly made it clear that they were not going to allow Powell’s death to become a symbol of vaccine skepticism despite it being clear proof that the vaccines […]

Who Is Really Running The Country? The Answer Will Shock You…

(Liberty Bell) – Political writer Wayne Allyn Root has given tons of speeches all across the United States over the course of the last month, all of them in front of very conservative crowds, a few business leaders, patriots, and Bible-believing Christians. According to Root’s recent piece published by the Gateway Pundit, he’s not at […]

OUTRAGE: Colorado Governor Says Kids Should Lie And Get Vaccine Without Parents Knowing

(Liberty Bell) – You know you’re in the midst of a serious and deadly pandemic when massive college and professional sports venues are filling up weekend after weekend and when movies are raking in hundreds of millions of dollars in theaters. Most cases of COVID aren’t even known about unless a test is done. That’s […]

LEAKED: Secret Government Contracts Reveal The Dark Side Of Pfizer

(Liberty Bell) – Pfizer, the very first company to receive FDA approval for their COVID-19 vaccine, has apparently been using its massive power and influence to “shift risk and maximize profits,” according to a report from a consumer advocacy group that has managed to get their hands on secret government contracts. According to a report […]

GOING VIRAL: Woman “Predicted” Covid Pandemic In 2019, Warned Of Global Tyranny & Vax Mandates

(Liberty Bell) – A video that was uploaded to YouTube back on September 20, 2019, is now going viral after the predictions that were made in the content ended up coming true over the course of the years that followed the post. According to Infowars, the video was shot and uploaded almost four months before […]

ALERT: Manchin May Leave Democratic Party

(Liberty Bell) – A brand new bombshell report from the folks over at Infowars says that there’s a strong possibility that Sen. Joe Manchin, who is a Democrat from West Virginia, who has insisted on a smaller social infrastructure bill and has become something of a flashpoint inside the Democratic Party, is now considering leaving […]

BREAKING: Former Surgeon General Blames Unvaccinated Americans For Death Of Colin Powell

(Liberty Bell) – Former Surgeon General Jerome Adams came out and blamed the death of Colin Powell on Americans who have refused to allow themselves to be experimented on by receiving the coronavirus vaccine, despite the fact that Powell was 84-years-old with a seriously impaired immune system caused by fighting off blood cancer. According to […]

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