Police Unions Picking Sides Against the Democrat’s Violent Mobs, Endorsing Trump

The National Association of Police Organizations has offered up their endorsement for the next election. It will probably come as a surprise to no one that President Trump was their choice. Anyone with eyes can see that Joe Biden is not on the side of the police officers. He’s currently in the process of saying anything that will get the liberals on his side.

That means making all sorts of outlandish claims about the nation’s future. He is claiming that the police will be reformed and deprived of funding if he is made president. That’s why The National Association of Police Organizations had no real choice in the matter. According to the president of the organizations, Biden was refusing to even meet with them to discuss his policies.

When Mick McHale relayed the message to the rest of the organizations, they knew what they had to do. This is the same group that has had a wonderful relationship with Joe Biden in the past. They even offered him their endorsements back in 2008 and 2012. If Biden felt that strongly about taking away police funding, why didn’t he say something to this group back then?

YUGE: National Association of Police Organizations endorses Trump. “We particularly value your directing the Attorney General to aggressively prosecute those who attack our officers” https://t.co/80XcwBKh6m

— Andrew Bostom (@andrewbostom) July 15, 2020

That’s because he is a spineless coward who goes in whatever direction the wind blows. If the majority of people were willing to stand alongside the police, Biden would probably be out there in a police uniform. The Democrats are wagering their entire campaign on the idea that the nation has turned against the rule of law.

Good luck on that. We are sure that there are plenty of Democratic voters who are not thrilled with this recent drift to the far left. Biden was once known as a moderate, the type of guy who would do his absolute best to see both sides of a situation. Now, he is desperately clinging to leftist rhetoric in an attempt to stay alive in the presidential race. It’s sad to see him fall off this badly.

Not sad enough to keep us from having a good chuckle, though. What’s Biden going to do when someone points out the fact that he’s always had a good relationship with the police? That’s not something that he is prepared to answer for at the moment. Like most newfound lefty types, he wants people to think that he was always perfect and woke. In reality, he just came around to this line of thinking within the past few weeks.

It’s not like he has any real policies or past political success to hang his hat on. His whole campaign boils down to “I’m not Trump and you’re not truly black if you’re not voting for me”. When he’s not reminding people that he isn’t Donald Trump, he also lets them know that he was the vice president to Barack Obama.

When those are your only two selling points, it is easy to see why he is clinging to any shred of a viewpoint that could get him some new voters. He’s looking to make a name for himself outside of the aforementioned connections in any way possible. It’s not going well for Biden so far but not for lack of trying.

President Trump was willing to address the police board and Biden was not. He’s drawn his line in the sand and we await his response once people start pushing back against this rhetoric. He may think it will win him an election but this is probably going to go down as his last moment in the spotlight. Is this really how Biden wants to be remembered?

He’s throwing away all of the goodwill that he built over several decades as a moderate to chase the leftist vote. When has that ever worked out well for anyone? Desperate times call for desperate measures. Maybe if he gets lucky, his buddy Obama can try to pull a few more strings for him before election day.