Biden’s a Liar Liar Pants Caught Fire as Psaki Tries To Use Fire Extinguisher to Save His Pants (Video)

Joe Biden is the joke that will be told for years to come. He is a pen-happy man who is circumventing the Constitutional described way as to how laws are to be made. It is evident that he does not trust the legislature to write bills that he can sign, even though they are members […]

China Moving In for the Kill as They Surround Taiwan With Their Military

China learned months ago that they could get away with murder because Joe Biden is sitting in the Oval Office. They know that the old man will not do what Donald Trump did to keep them from torturing other countries around them. Biden owes the Chinese millions of dollars in loans he took from them […]

Biden’s People Admits that Donald Trump’s Wall is What is Needed to Stop Illegals

The Democratic voters realize for the first time that they made a massive mistake voting for crazy Joe Biden. They are wishing that they would have thought through the border wall issue better and what would happen if Biden were to mess with the growing economy. The insane president destroyed jobs and made a mess […]

Air Force Adds Robot Dogs Since Liberals Don’t Like Human Security

There’s not enough diversity in the military anymore. And there are too many extremists. What are we to do? Someone needs to protect us! Liberals on Capitol Hill love to complain about our military, yet they have no problem keeping National Guard troops there months past when it was necessary. Since the liberals are afraid […]

Trump Infuriates Liberals With Easter Message Threatening Everything Biden Is Trying to Build

Former President Donald Trump once again flexed his leadership muscle on Easter when he reiterated his disgust with those who are standing against the Georgia election reform bill proposed by Republicans. “Happy Easter to ALL, including the Radical Left CRAZIES who rigged our Presidential Election, and want to destroy our Country,” Trump wrote, according to The […]

Don’t Mess With Arizona Kids: Watch Concerned Parents Slam School Board For Proposed Woke Equity Guide for Elementary Schoolers

The local school board in Arizona has found out what Arizona parents think about their plan to indoctrinate children with critical race theory, according to a report in The Daily Wire. The Parents of children attending Litchfield Elementary School District in Arizona are putting up a fight against the district’s “equity plan” that is part of […]

The Spending Queen’s Lust for Money Will Be Her Undoing

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been relatively silent the past few months. The stress of Washington is starting to show up on her long and saddened-looking face. It is fairly straightforward that she has had to spend some time getting over her favorite president as he was replaced with a mental case named Joe Biden. Ocasio-Cortez misses […]

Political Conspiracy Takes Aim at Papa John’s Pizza for Political Affiliation

The radical left has no problem digging into the American dream and destroying it for people. And what is genuinely anti-American is when they use their employment positions to destroy the livelihoods of fellow Americans based on political stances and beliefs over certain events. The Democrats have proven on multiple levels that they are willing […]

Biden Borrows From Clinton but Not From Trump

Presidents tend to borrow from one another. It ensures that the country runs in the same way, regardless of who the president is. If one president acts too irrationally from a previous administration, it can confuse everyone – including Americans and world leaders. If Joe Biden were going to borrow from anyone, it should be […]

Stop with Scare Tactics, London Shows Hope

Listen to the news long enough and the Biden administration will convince you that normal is a long way away. Listen to Dr. Fauci and he’ll tell you that it could be years before we get to get rid of our masks – whether we’re vaccinated or not. The scare tactics are what’s preventing the […]

Trump Pushed the Vaccines, Yet Fauci Gives Himself Pat on the Back

One of the ways that Donald Trump was dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic was to push for vaccines. He knew that it was a critical component to helping the country get back to a normal way of life. While Trump was working with researchers from around the globe, Dr. Fauci was focused on telling everyone […]

Liberal Racism Causes Community Harm as Cinderella Production Canceled Because of Whiteness

The Democrat’s push of racism is destroying America, one person at a time. Liberals at all levels of government constantly look for ways to screw over the American people. The state of Minnesota was blessed to have the Cinderella story being shared with the people. But they were silently poisoned by liberal propaganda and racist […]

Crooked Cuomo Crumbles Even More as He Shafted New York While He Played Favoritism

Andrew Cuomo is the face history will never forget as the killer of New York’s elderly population. Not only has Cuomo abused women and killed the elderly, but now it seems that he put the older population last when it came time to roll out the vaccine. Logic and compassion should have dictated to the […]

Mexico’s President Points the Finger Directly at Biden for Border Surge

Biden’s messed up. Every American knows it, and so does the president of Mexico. There’s an incredible surge of migrants entering the southern border each and every day. They’re coming from not only Mexico but also from Central American countries. When Donald Trump was president, there was an agreement for Mexico to do its part […]

Liberals Capitalize on Shooting in Colorado Push Insane Gun Agenda

Democrats are drooling over the recent shooting in the state of Colorado. Every time there is another shooting on this level, it decimates the country. The liberals use the tragedy as an opportunity to push their political agenda instead of looking for ways to assist and help those affected by one man’s deeds. The left […]

Biden on the Ropes as Immigration Issues Mount and Threaten Border States and Their Safety

Joe Biden’s famous line of “C’mon man” indeed is well said of the forgetful president. Biden’s reluctance to meet with the press and give updates on the immigration issues proves he has no plan at all. His administration can only protect him so much before people begin to put pressure on for him to answer […]

Migrants Stay in Hotels While American Homeless Get Asphalt

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are homeless. Some may be able to find a bed for a night or two in a shelter. Others find an overpass or a park to call home. Tents, sleeping bags, and cardboard boxes are seen in every major city of America – and these are what over 550,000 Americans […]

Cuomo Proves He is an Attacker as He Threatens Accuser With Letter Which is an Age Old Method Used to Silence the Victim

Governor Andrew Cuomo is the classic example of a Democrat bully. When someone confronts him with an accusation or some fact that he hates, he tries to intimidate that person into silence. This is a tactic used by sexual predators that want to force their victim into silence. They usually threaten them with future harm […]

Rush Limbaugh Radio Replacement Confirmed: Conservatives Will Continue to Hear Right-Wing Commentator in Coveted Time Slot

Conservatives across the nation were left with a hole in their hearts and radio air-time with the passing of conservative radio icon Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh passed away on Feb. 17 and while some stations have continued to play re-runs of previous shows, however, Limbaugh’s successor has been much anticipated. According to a report in The […]

Religion Under Attack in California as Liberals Continue to Rob Them of the Right to Worship

California is one big Democratic mess that continues to get worse as the days march forward. The churches and businesses continue their fight to open their doors at the end of a pandemic era. It is the Constitutional right of all Americans to be able to exercise their freedoms to worship and transact business without […]

U.S., Russia, China Fight For Vaccine Supremacy

The vaccine wars are on – and it’s not just a race to inoculate the world’s population, but a bid for global supremacy. Vaccine diplomacy is a new phrase appearing in news media and on the lips of diplomats in the United States State Department and foreign ministries overseas. Only a handful of nations have […]

Fauci Continues to Write Children’s Fiction With COVID-19 Facts

America is the home of the brave and a land full of free people. But the Democrats hate that fact and are working double-time to seize control of society before the people stop their deeds. They have made it their point to push COVID-19 so hard so they can justify their grab of freedoms and […]

Why Hasn’t Joe Biden Had a Press Conference? The Answer May Surprise You

Even the Fake News New York Times’ Peter Baker noted, “At this point in office, Trump had given five news conferences. Obama had given two, George W. Bush three and Clinton five. Biden so far has given zero.” The current White House has a policy regarding President Joe Biden and his appearances: Anyone But Biden […]

Biden Names Climate Change a National Security Threat

When you think of the U.S. Department of Defense and its primary goal, you likely think of one major thing: the defense of our nation. I mean, the word is in their name. Now, as I’m sure you can imagine, the job of defending our nation, both on a global and domestic scale, is a […]

Ilhan Omar Displays Her Ignorance on Economics With Proposal That Would Devastate Real Estate Market

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar has been a polarizing figure since she took office in 2018. Between her anti-Semitic comments, her offensive 9/11 comments and her sympathies with those who are at war with our allies, and her defense of the rights of illegal immigrants, Americans have found they know what to expect from the rule-defying […]

Texas Shows the Real Problem with Opening the U.S. to Illegal Migrants

As usual, there’s a problem at the border when the Democrats are in charge. They want to make us one big happy country with Mexico, allowing migrants from as far as Central America to just stroll in and mooch off the government. Legal migration is one thing. We are the home of immigrants, after all. […]

Joe Biden Continues to Put His New Pets in Cages as Kids are Captured at the Border

The immigration mess that Joe Biden created is overwhelming the country. Biden rolled back everything that was protecting the country because it came from the pen of Donald Trump. The rules and regulations that were put in place to protect lives were viciously taken down because of a hatred that the Democratic Party had for […]

White Women Now Considered Racist for Wearing Certain Jewelry: Here’s What Accessories Have to Go to Stay Politically Correct

Racism isn’t actually growing, we just didn’t realize how many of us were racist, or so goes the mantra of the left and Black Lives Matter.   Many seemingly innocent things are now considered racist (up to, and including, adopting Black children, according to Supreme Court Amy Cony Barrett’s dissenters). Not only is the way we […]

Democratic Nonsense Robs Children of Childhood as They are Targeted With Brainwashing Attacks

Democrats are every level are terrorizing children and parents in the educational centers around the country. In liberal-run states, children as young as five and six years of age are being targeted with sex-education and gender-swapping poison. And the state that is leading them down the path is none other than New York. The renovation […]

Surprise! Cuomo Refuses to Resign Over His Intentional Murder of Over 15,000 Nursing Home Residents and Attacks His Accusers Instead

As more and more women start to come forward about the sexual harassment that they have experienced at the hands of Governor Cuomo, things have taken a predictably ugly turn. Instead of being willing to step down on his own, Cuomo is digging in his heels. Lots of observers have noted that Cuomo is not […]

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