Florida Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried Spits on Rush Limbaugh’s Grave

You know it when you see someone’s TRUE COLORS. Florida liberal Nikki Fried is using her perch as Florida Agricultural Commissioner to desecrate the memory of an American Patriot and master of the airwaves, Rush Limbaugh – may he rest in peace. FL Ag Commissioner Fried is jockeying for a run at the Florida governor’s […]

Biden’s AG Pick Loves to Downplay Domestic Terror and Even Sides With It

Biden picks Merrick Garland for the position of Attorney General. The Democrats once considered him to be a chief choice for a Supreme Court position, but he just did not fit the mold. The man is proving to be more of a problem than he is a blessing to the idea of him serving in […]

Is There Hope for Virginia Schools Yet?

Why is it that the liberal states are the only ones stomping their feet? Why do they have issues with sending kids back into classrooms? A virtual setting isn’t getting the job done. Kids are struggling in many ways. They’re struggling with their education, their socialization, and even their mental health. It seems that Pete […]

China is Flooding the U.S. With Deadly Drugs Through Mexico

A day doesn’t go by where China isn’t actively waging war against the United States. China is hacking private businesses and stealing intellectual property. China is infiltrating top American universities and siphoning off research and development sponsored by the U.S. federal government and paid for by American taxpayers. And, of course, China also exports deadly […]

Twelve-Year-Old Proves Why It is Imperative We Maintain Gun Freedom

As Americans once again face a Democrat in the White House and contemplate possible gun unconstitutional control regulations, we’re left with the daunting task of describing to the so-called “ bleeding hearts” who are iconically emotional in their reasoning, why guns should be present in American homes. For the cases where the constitution and world […]

Liberal Media Claims 13 Federal Death Row Inmates Suffered Unjustly During Their Executions

The only way to emotionally survive the job of a prison executioner is to call things what they aren’t. To soften the reality of what just transpired at their hands, knowing the entire time, they were only doing what was required of their job. If they hadn’t done it someone else would have. In the […]

Holy Pork! Corrupt Democrats Reviving Earmarks for Special Interests

Holy Pork, Batman! The Democrats didn’t waste any time in filling back up the swamp. Earmarks have a long and litigious history in Washington. Earmarks were banned in 2011 after several high-profile corruption scandals. Believe it or not, the Republican Party in the pre-Trump era had been working to drain the swamp (maybe not fast […]

Bring on the Terror as Biden Let’s Them Come In

Joe Biden has proved yet again where his loyalties are positioned. Not only has he allowed thousands of illegals to cross into American cities, but he has also given known terrorists something they desire most of all from influential leaders. He has exonerated them from the terrorist list. The move by Biden proves he loves […]

Dancing With the Devil Has a Price Which is Coming Due

The drive to impeach Donald Trump has come to a crashing halt as the Democrats fail again to get the man convicted of fake crimes against the country. Donald Trump encourages people to stand up for what is right. But he never endorses violate actions. His central premise for his second term was based on […]

Reagan Insider Explains How Biden is Already Alienating Congress

With President Joe Biden now firmly in the White House, it’s time to try and figure out exactly what kind of president he will be and what he will do for our nation. I know, you’d think we’d know that already, as he’s been months on end on the campaign trail supposedly explaining just that. […]

This Dem’s Foul Mouth Would Make a Sailor Blush…

The life circumstances into which a person is born often determines the direction of their future. The offsprings of the elite are provided with golden slippers while those born in the slums of Chicago are shoving cardboard slats into their shoes to cover the holes. For the silver-spoon kids, life is grand. They’ll easily get […]

Of Course, Democrats Want to Drag COVID-19 Out Forever

Joe Biden lives his life is stuck between two worlds. On the one side is a world of reality where things happen that make sense to everyone else. In the other world, he lives in a place where forgetting is the normal way of life. A place where understanding is no longer an option for […]

Megyn Kelly Solves National Anthem Problem for Sports Fans

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly weighed in on the national anthem issue as controversy ramped up again following the NBA’s controversial decision to ask teams to play the national anthem before games. The league’s decision came after Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said on Wednesday that he had stopped playing the national anthem before […]

Chris Wallace Confirms His Allegiance to Dems With His Support for Anti-Trump Leftist Attack

Fox News’ Chris Wallace put himself in the fake news column following his 2020 interview with former President Donald Trump, presidential election moderation, and then his coverage of the 2020 presidential election. Whether his position has always been far left, or he has slid that way more as time has gone on and conflict has […]

11 Iranians Arrested Infiltrating US-Mexico Border

Border security is national security. By weakening our border security, the Biden Administration and the Democrats are making America less safe. The Democrats would like to have you think that ANY enforcement of United States law along the U.S-Mexico border is racist, fascist, intolerably cruel, et cetera, et cetera…You get the picture. Not only is […]

Greta Thunberg is a Criminal Conspiracist?

Swedish teen and environmental activist Greta Thunberg, also known as the world’s unhappiest child, has long been assumed to be taking orders from someone, whether that be her parents or some group that the family has gotten involved with in recent years. Sure, the youngster and family claim to be doing it all in the […]

Exploding Gun Sales: Americans Learn to Love the 2nd Amendment

It was already a boom year for firearm sales. 2020 was one of the best years on record for firearm sales, beating even the high watermark of Barack Obama’s gun-banning presidency during his second term. The first month in the new year was no different with gun sales skyrocketing in January. Is it a coincidence […]

China Invades South America

China is invading the Americas. For 200 years the Monroe Doctrine — staked out by U.S. President James Monroe in December 1823 — ruled the world’s Western Hemisphere on the principle of American hegemony. American dominance didn’t stop enemies, adversaries, and aspiring powers such as the Soviet Union, Fidel Castro, and Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, […]

Space Force Gets to Stay! That’s One Thing Biden’s Done Right!

Space Force is staying. Well, it was always staying because the funding was secured in a previous administration. Not to mention the fact that the department has already established itself and proven its worth. The only thing that’s really official is that Biden now recognizes that it’s staying. He’s been so quick to erase everything […]

There’s a Legitimate Reason Why We Don’t Like Jen Psaki…Actually 3

Jen Psaki has been serving as the White House press secretary for a few weeks now. At some point, someone should tell her how she needs to do her job. Even the press has begun to show their frustration. We all expected her to be partisan. That was a given based on the nature of […]

Biden Gives a Big Ol’ Thumb’s Up to Twitter Censorship

If the president does only one thing, it should be to protect our constitutional rights. However, when he gives a thumb’s up to censorship, it’s absolutely terrifying. Joe Biden has identified that he’s in full support of Twitter’s efforts to “reduce hate speech,” which was done by banning Donald Trump’s account. Twitter didn’t just ban […]

As Radical Left Attacks Schools, Biden Spikes Patriotic Education

How depraved is the Radical Left? They’re going after Martha Washington next. The Democrats want the next generation of Americans to hate America. Schoolboards in California are erasing George Washington and Abraham Lincoln from the names of their schools. In late January 2021, the San Francisco School Board voted to rename 44 schools, including Abraham […]

DC Isn’t a State, So Drop It Already

Washington D.C. isn’t a state because it was set up to be the permanent seat of the federal government. The federal government is to remain separate from that of the states. It all has to do with the division of power. The U.S. Congress set up Washington D.C. as a territory. It’s been that way […]

China Revealed as Fraud as Their Garbage ‘Vaccines’ Backfire

In between beating Hong Kong patriots with billy clubs, the persecution and mass genocide of its ethnic Uighur population, threatening Taiwan with war, threatening India with war, and lashing out at any country that doesn’t believe its ridiculous lies, China is trying on its big boy pants as it aspires to play the role of […]

Obamacare to Return as Bidencare

“Today, I’m about to sign two executive orders. Basically, the best way to describe it—to undo the damage Trump has done. There’s nothing new that we’re doing here other than restoring the Affordable Care Act,” That was the message delivered by President Biden. After which, without allowing a single question, reporters were ushered out of […]

Texas Wins First Lawsuit Against Biden Within Admin’s First Week

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has the distinction of having brought and won the first case against the Biden administration and one of President Joe Biden’s first orders. “David Pekoske, acting Homeland Security secretary, issued a directive on Jan. 20 directing authorities to focus on national security and public safety threats as well as anyone […]

President of the World Donald Trump?… Sound Crazy?… Not to Newsmax CEO Christopher Ruddy…

Roughly 75-million American citizens voted to keep Donald Trump in the Oval Office. With the fairness of the election falling under intense scrutiny, the figure may have been higher, but we’ll never know. For good reason, the Democrats were too eager to push ahead before the truth could be uncovered. And now, if Trump’s second […]

Marco Rubio Takes on Chris Wallace

Fox News’ Chris Wallace found himself facing an incensed Sen. Marco Rubio when he posed the question of whether former President Donald Trump should be allowed to run for public office again. The question came up during a broader discussion about the potential for lawmakers to impeach the president, even after he has already left […]

Party of Science? Surprise! Blue State Mayors Rush to Open Restaurants Only Hours After Biden’s Inauguration

Muriel Bowser is the mayor of Washington, D.C. and she has a lot to say at the moment. The same mayors that were all doom and gloom before are now full of sunshine and rainbows. Can you believe that they are now going to be willing to open up local restaurants for indoor dining? It’s […]

Conservatives Uncover the True Meaning Behind Biden’s Inaugural Address

Conservatives nationwide were frustrated by the contents of President Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, which they considered to be a politically correct misdirection of Americans’ attention away from the Biden administration’s true goals. In his speech, Biden spoke of “a rise of political extremism, white supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront, and we will defeat.” […]

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