Smart Move? Denver Decides Against Replacing Police Force With Peace Force

Residents of the city of Denver, Colorado have watched their City Council go back and forth about a very unusual proposition. Councilwoman Candi Cedebaca is responsible for the bizarre proposal. If she had her way, the police force would have been replaced with a Peace Force. These officers would not be provided with firearms and would function as more of a counseling service.

Armed and trained officers would be kept on hand in case emergencies arose. The proposal had a number of detractors initially but that did not stop the city from proceeding with a vote. The proposal has now officially failed, providing the citizens of Denver with a much needed respite. This may go down in history as one of their biggest close calls of all time.

The Councilwoman is the only one who decided to vote in favor of the proposal. This probably came as no surprise to those who were watching this vote closely. Even the leftists were probably a bit nervous about the idea of swapping out all of their armed officers for “Peace Officers” who are unable to handle the same duties.

The vote failed by an 11-1 count. There are also two other proposals that have been put on hold, both of which were designed to cap the power of the city’s police force. Had the proposal been allowed to pass, it would have taken the policy one step closer to becoming a law come November. The citizens of Denver have to be breathing a major sigh of relief.

Denver City Council voted to suspend a proposal thaCandi Cedebacat aims to to replace the Denver Police Department with a “peace force.” The 11-1 nay vote came during the council’s Monday night meeting.

The vote put the proposal on hold along with two other bills that would have limited power in other city offices.

Only the bill’s sponsor Councilwoman Candi Cedebaca voted in favor of the proposal to replace the police, had it passed it would have been once step closer to becoming a ballot measure this November.

This may be a temporary reprieve for the city, though. From the looks of it, those who voted against the Peace Force are not 100 percent opposed to it. The idea could resurface in a different format. Multiple Council members said that they voted “no” because the idea felt rushed, not because they were against it entirely.

They want more time to develop a proposal that is truly thoughtful. Council President Stacie Gilmore is hedging her bets, claiming that she wants to provide her constituents with the time that they need to make a proper decision. Michael Hancock is the mayor of Denver and he opposed the plan, calling it “reckless and irresponsible.” As long as he is mayor, the plan won’t be enacted.

We’ll see if he sticks to his guns but this has to be somewhat reassuring to Denver residents. The policy is not just reckless, it is insane for a city this size. Sure, some might point to the British policies that allow for unarmed citizens to conduct basic police duty. When their officers require armed backup, they can call for it. But there’s just one issue with this policy, when it comes to America.

There are simply too many guns that have fallen into the hands of maniacs. Denver’s policy would have left unarmed citizens to fend for themselves during traffic stops. What happens when someone is pulled over and they have a firearm? If they know that they are not going to face any real opposition, they are not going to hesitate to use it.

The average British officer is not going to have to deal with the type of weaponry that is present in America. Their criminals are typically armed with knives and the like. The same people who were all for this idea will be the first ones on television crying when the first Peace Officer is murdered by a carjacker who believes that they have nothing left to lose.

Over 3,000 assaults have taken place in Denver this year alone. Over 700 rapes and at least 65 murders have occurred as well. Does this sound like a city that needs to disarm and disband their police force? From the looks of this vote, it seems that cooler heads prevailed for the moment. It remains to be seen as to whether this city is willing to leave this proposal on the drawing board where it belonged.