The Dems’ New Normal: BLM-Antifa Mob Brutally Beat Innocent White Bystander in Portland

These are the “peaceful” protests that people seem to love so much, at least those who identify as leftists. During a Portland demonstration that took place over the weekend, a white man was brutally beaten by a crowd of Black Lives Matter protesters. They were using their fists, in addition to a range of blunt objects.

Of course, the main ringleader was another white guy who wanted to get some cool points. He’s pretty easy to spot, he’s got the red bandanna around his neck and a body full of tattoos. It’s always smart to dole out beatings in the most conspicuous way possible. Someone has already taken a picture and forwarded it to law enforcement officials.

The New York Times and CNN are going to ignore this story because it does not suit the narrative that they have chosen. Black Lives Matter protesters are treated as perfect angels and anyone who is looking to speak out about a different point of view is treated like a leper. Are the police even looking for the man who is responsible for leading this beating?


— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) August 2, 2020

Probably not. Portland is already chasing away all of the federal officers who were on hand to make sure that everything went according to plan. They are no longer on hand, ready to stop the violence. While social media will claim that the removal of these officers has led to more peaceful protests, stories like this one prove that this is simply not true.

These riots are not stopping and there is no end in sight. Many Americans believe that the “peaceful protests” are being funded by rich leftists and there’s a decent amount of evidence to support that claim. How else do you explain the lack of arrests for these sorts of violent attacks? It seems like one side is getting a free pass and the other side is being made to follow rules.

If we can notice these types of double standards without actually being in Portland to see it in action, just imagine how the local residents must feel about these riots. They have been enduring them for nearly two months straight now. This could all be stopped if the Department of Justice was allowed to make the necessary arrests but we all know that simply won’t happen.

Portland residents will have to keep watching their city burn, as they hope and pray for their elected officials to wake up and smell the coffee. There’s something to be said for allowing all sides of a conversation to express themselves. No one is saying that protests shouldn’t be allowed at all. They are a key aspect of the American constitution.

The part that we do not care for is all of the violence. No one should have to be afraid in their own city. This is a major issue that the leaders of these cities must address before it is too late. All that’s left to do now is wait for the upcoming election. The leftists who are hoping for a Biden victory are going to be left holding the bag, wondering why all of their pandering isn’t helping them.

The mayor of Portland even allowed himself to be tear gassed, just for a photo op. This is the type of behavior that the leftists participate in and they wonder why no one is willing to take them seriously. If a Black Lives Matter protester had been brutally beaten like this, no one would be willing to rest until the problem was addressed.

For law enforcement: Here’s the criminal in the video physically assaulting the victim

— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) August 2, 2020

Since the protester is not linked to the “right” groups, no one cares or wants to do anything about it. These “peaceful” protests cannot go on for much longer. The federal agents can only be kept out of the liberal cities for so long. We just hope that the protesters start to think better of their actions before it is too late.