The End of Democracy: New Law Allows Dems to Vote for Dementia Patients Without Their Approval or Signature

Nevada’s Democratic governor has come to a decision during a special session with state legislature, a decision that is going to put a serious damper on democracy as we know it. No one was allowed to remain present for the meeting. They did not want their state’s citizens to watch them as they rammed ballot harvesting and mail-in voting down everyone’s throats.

The Democrats will do anything in their power to keep their state blue and they do not care if they have to cheat in the process. They’ve passed a law that allows fraud to run rampant. Those who are friends with elderly voters can fill out the ballots on their behalf and you do not even have to be related to the voter.

How can this be allowed to happen? Laura Ingraham took the time to sit down with Adam Lexalt, Nevada’s former Attorney General. They were trying to get to the bottom of the new rules and make sense of what had happened. The Democrats made sure that a nighttime vote took place, keeping everyone else in the dark (literally).

Gov. Sisolak and the NV Dems called a special session with no public present and inside 24 hours are ramming through mail-in balloting and ballot harvesting. They are massively altering our election 97 days out entirely without the SecState. They are working to steal our election

— Adam Paul Laxalt (@AdamLaxalt) August 1, 2020

For those who are unaware, ballot harvesting takes place when voters can enter a nursing home and “collect” votes from residents without having to obtain a signature. This is a big deal and it is a clear example of voter fraud. Lexalt is worried about paid operatives who are now able to collect votes without getting a signature, rightfully so.

The Democratic party is desperate to reclaim the White House at all costs. If they have to steal the election, they will. The worst part of all is that they are doing it in plain sight but no one seems to care. The president has tried his best to call attention to the issue. The orange man is bad and the left justifies ignoring him by talking about issues that have nothing to do with the general election.

At least the Democrats are smart enough to realize that Biden will not be able to win unless things are being rigged in his favor. There’s no chance of him winning if things are handled fair and square. He wants to take down the big bully but he cannot do so unless the fight is fixed ahead of time. In that sense, none of this should be all that surprising.

Sadly, things are breaking Biden’s way. The pandemic has kept him from having the chance to humiliate himself lately. There are precious few opportunities to speak publicly and his handlers are clearly preparing his statements ahead of time. That hasn’t stopped him from having his fair share of gaffes but nothing has put a dent in his campaign as of yet.

The Democrats’ decision could backfire on them in a big way. What happens if the Republicans decide to start harvesting ballots on their own time and end up beating them at their own game? This is not something that the Democrats seem to have considered. This whole thing could end up working against them.

Nursing homes are also a very unsafe place right now, for all parties involved. What happens if there is an asymptomatic carrier who arrives at one of these nursing homes, infecting the patients at a rapid rate? There are a number of disturbing possibilities that no one on the left side seem to be willing to consider. We hope that anyone who is found to have gone into a nursing home seeking votes is punished to the fullest extent of the law.

This is what happens when the safety of the elderly is no longer a priority. The same Democrats who told us all to stay inside if we wanted our grandparents to live are now changing their tune. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? Once the Democrats want to make something happen, they go back on everything that they said in the past.