The Truth About “Peaceful Protests” – Protesters Pack Commercial Fireworks With Nails to Ensure Maximum Carnage

The leftist mainstream media has been on the side of the protesters since the demonstrations first began. The insinuation that they have been beating everyone over the heads with isn’t that hard to understand. If you do not stand in support of these protests, you are considered to be a racist. The Atlanta Field Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was attacked because of this mindset.

ICE officers are no longer able to do their job because the liberals have deemed them unnecessary. The conservatives who are pointing out the violence that takes place during these protests are being silenced as well. Instead of being given the chance to speak, they are called racists before they even have a chance to get a word out.

The Democrats are claiming that these are peaceful protests but they are clearly the furthest thing from docile. Rioters are even taking additional measures that allow them to cause more harm. They sent fireworks bombs at the Atlanta ICE facility and to make matters worse, there were nails embedded inside of each bomb.

“The protesters are mothers, veterans and mayors.” – J GoNadler

— In Pursuit of Truth (@IPOT1776) July 28, 2020

This is the sort of depraved behavior that the mainstream media lunges to support nowadays. Instead of using their critical thinking skills and speaking about the protests in a nuanced manner, it’s all or nothing. You can’t support the protests and find fault with people’s methods. You’re either a racist or are you one of the “woke” ones.

There’s no in between anymore and that’s why discourse is in the toilet. A protest is fire, damaging government buildings is not. This is not the first time that the office has been attacked, either. An attack took place just last week and the protesters even left behind a Marxist flag, so that the conservatives knew they were there.

The aforementioned devices were discovered once authorities arrived on the scene and tried to make sense of it all. Stories like these have to be terrifying to anyone who actually cares about the rule of law. Mainstream media types love to talk the talk but when their buildings are attacked like this? Let’s just say that they are usually singing a vastly different tune.

DHS/ICE Field Office ransacked by frontliners in Atlanta in solidarity with the freedom fighters of the #PortlandProtests and every other suffering poor person trying to build a new world.#PortlandSolidarity #GeorgeFloyd #RayshardBrooks #BlackLivesMatter

— Acid Vitalist League (@AcidVitalism) July 26, 2020

When the CNN building was attacked, the liberal media was not standing up and cheering about it. In fact, it did not take long before the building was provided with extra protection. So what’s the real story here? Apparently, destruction and violence are only okay when you are the perceived beneficiary.

How are cities supposed to defend themselves from this onslaught? It’s an honest question that we have been asking lately, to no avail. The Democrats are essentially sanctioning domestic terrorism and there is very little that can be done about it. The rest of us are stuck living in a country that does not care one iota about our concerns.

No one can go outside because that means they hate old people and want them to die. On one hand, working for a living and visiting friends are both considered to be negligent behavior. On the other, going outside to start riots and light government buildings on fire is perfectly fine. No one who participates in this sort of activity is spreading the virus.

According to the liberals, only the right wing can spread the virus and they are all perfect angels. Those who are wondering why federal agents are being summoned to all of the major liberal strongholds only need to turn on their television sets. The reasoning will be laid bare for those who are willing to put their biases to the side.

The upcoming election will provide the current president with a chance to set things right. While the leftists are under the belief that Biden has this thing in the bag, those who pay closer attention to these races know that there is still a long ways to go. Biden’s still got some serious work to do.