Trump Doubles Down on Law & Order Over Democrat’s Objections

2020 has been an insane year. It’s getting to the point where we are not surprised by any headline that we read. You could tell us anything at this point and we would be willing to believe you. Our current reality has become dystopian. State cops and federal officers are now having gun battles in the streets? Par for the course.

We can’t even feign shock anymore. Philadelphia police officers were seen trying to take federal agents into custody, with protesters and Antifa members rooting them on. With the way that the world is going now, we are not surprised. At this point, we are just stunned that this did not happen sooner.

This is where it was always going to head, wasn’t it? Federal agents are being dispatched to clean up the messes that are being made in American cities and the local officers are not pleased about it. Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner and Baltimore District Attorney Marilyn Mosby believe that they have the authority to carry out these insane orders.

We are not sure if they are able to do this but they do not seem to care about law and order anymore. These cities are allowing themselves to be led down the wrong path by their liberal leadership and this is what you get when you allow the leftists to run the show. These federal agents are merely following orders and that’s why we want to know how they can be detained.

The agents, Cline says, were interested in the man in the video because, earlier, they’d seen him “in a crowd and in an area” where someone ELSE was aiming a laser at the eyes of officers.

— Andrew Crespo (@AndrewMCrespo) July 22, 2020

Silly us. We thought that these agents would be given the chance to do their jobs, without having to be subjected to the usual liberal nonsense. Krasner may believe that he has a point when he points out past corruption but there are a lot of liberal beliefs that are flat out wrong. Corruption should be easy to prove but instead, these leftists are hoping that no one actually takes the time to look into it.

In the meantime, they are warning the federal agents. If protesters and rioters are going to be kidnapped and tossed in vans, the agents are going to be charged accordingly. Will these charges actually stick? That’s anyone guess at the current moment. City officials do not have clear authority to detain and prosecute federal agents but the laws are somewhat vague on this matter.

To wit, Dunaway v. New York, 442 U.S. 200 (1979), where the Supreme Court considered whether the police violated the Fourth Amendment when, without probable cause, they took someone “into custody, transported him to the police station, and detained him there for interrogation.”

— Andrew Crespo (@AndrewMCrespo) July 22, 2020

Federal officers can have the charges removed from a federal court of law but local prosecutors are able to proceed with cases at their own discretion. Portland officials do not believe that the officers who have been dispatched to their city are acting within the acceptable parameters. Arrests and prosecution can still be initiated on the local level and we are watching with great interest to see how it all unfolds.

While these leaders are not claiming to be able to arrest federal agents upon arrival, they are talking a good game about putting a stop to the Trump mandates. Operation Legend is a $60 million initiative that is supposed to put a stop to the death and destruction that is unfolding in many of the liberal cities around the country.

The agents who are tossing people in vans in Portland are not going to be able to emulate those actions elsewhere and rightfully so. No one is suggesting that we turn over American cities to a new gestapo. On the other hand, the White House cannot sit idly by and hope the riots to stop. This is all setting up for a battle that is going to take months to properly unfold.

Federal agents certainly have the authority to protect federal property, so liberal leaders are not going to be able to shoo them away as easily as they may have expected. Agents cannot make arrests unlawfully or they will face charges from local jurisdictions. The federal agents are unmarked, which is going to make this task incredibly challenging. Best of luck to the liberal mayors!