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About News American Patriot

The liberals living in America love to keep the truth from the people. They honestly believe that Americans are incapable of making up their minds by themselves.

In return, the media has come to the point of telling people what to believe and how they should respond. The way the media reports on the news now is not the American way.

News American Patriot is the balance and the voice of conservative politics. We believe that Americans are smart enough to make up their minds. That only can happen if they know the whole story. At News American Patriot the other side of the story will be told.

The conservative values that we hold to will bring out the truth behind the liberal media’s lies. We dive head first into the issues and bring you news reports and facts that you will not find anywhere else. The liberals may make up their facts about issues, but you get the actual facts with News American Patriot.

We believe that every news story needs to be clear and concise. The news that you hear should never tell you what to believe. The liberal media tells people what to believe because their premise is that Americans cannot make up their minds. You will have every news report here at News American Patriot because it is the right thing to do for America.

If you are tired of getting biased news from sources owned by the liberals, you are not alone. Conservatives at every level of society are tired of being fed political lies and doctored story-lines from news sites that care more about their image than telling the truth. Many conservatives are looking for that one place where they can find the truth behind the news, and that place is News American Patriot.

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