Trump’s Been Accused of a LOT…Is He Guilty or Innocent?

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lev radin / shutterstock.comTrump is facing the wrath of liberals, and the accusations keep coming. As a result, he’s on trial in several states. The question is, did he commit real crimes or is he innocent? Share your thoughts now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Dallas Cop Facing Charges for Stealing 3 Firearms

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4kclips / shutterstock.comIt never fails that the lowest of the low somehow slip through the cracks and serve to give people doing great things a bad reputation. Dallas, TX Police Department (DPD) had their officer Sergeant Thomas Fry under investigation as of October 2022 over allegations of official misconduct. What they found shocked even the most seasoned […]

NYC Mayor Tells New Yorkers to Stop Saying Crime is Up…

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Steve Sanchez Photos / shutterstock.comBy now, it’s no secret that crime is up pretty much everywhere, or at least in liberally run cities. But New York City’s mayor, Eric Adams, thinks that’s a lie. And he’s imploring New Yorkers to change their “perception” of crime. In a news conference on Wednesday, Adams said, “Can we please stop saying we’re […]

Michigan Is Now the Racism and Hate State

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Bennian / shutterstock.comWhen the Muslim holiday Al-Quds Day hit on April 7th, the Muslims that are overrunning the once glorious state of Michigan decided to do something special. Held to mark the end of Ramadan, this is an International holy day for them. As protesters flooded the streets of Dearborn, MI, they opted to end their holiest […]

Cali Restaurants Closing Shop With No Notice Thanks to $20/Hr Min Wage / / shutterstock.comWith California’s new $ 20-an-hour minimum wage for fast food workers taking effect in April, many employers are already feeling the pinch and making changes. As first reported by ABC affiliate KFSN, companies like Foster’s Freeze in Lemoore, CA, are shuttering without notice to employees or their communities. With assistant GM Monica Navarro filling in […]

Is It Time for the GOP to Endorse Trump?
shutterstock.comTrump is the last man standing when it comes to GOP candidates. Is it time for the party to unite and endorse him? Take our quick poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Lauren Boebert is Diagnosed with a Rare Condition and Undergoes Emergency Surgery

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lev radin / shutterstock.comTo most, Colorado Republican and Congresswoman Lauren Boebert seems like a healthy woman in her prime. But, she was recently diagnosed with a rare condition that caused an immediate emergency surgery. The news of her condition was posted to her Facebook page by her staffers on Tuesday, where it was made known that Boebert had […]

Scientists Now Claim Landfills Are the Big Pollution Source in the US

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Dalibor Danilovic / shutterstock.comAs Americans wise up to the dirty liberal tricks of trying to force the “green” agenda on everything from cars to cows, their allegations become crazier. Now that the mainstream media has stopped trying to force those on us, the late 1980s favorite pollution from landfills is back in favor. In one of the latest […]

DC Cardinal Deems President Biden a “Cafeteria Catholic”

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Nemo73 / shutterstock.comSpeaking with Face the Nation at the end of March, Washington D.C. Cardinal Wilton Gregory went all in on President Joe Biden. As only the second Catholic in Presidential history (behind JFK), he is on a road that is not very well traveled, and he has refused to take the right roads to stay solid […]

Social Security Cuts Monthly Benefits in Half to Repay Overpayments

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LisaCarter / shutterstock.comThe Social Security Administration (SSA) recently rolled out a new policy, cutting down the hefty chunk it withholds from social security beneficiaries to repay overpayments. This change is a relief for many Americans who found themselves suffocating under the weight of 100 percent withholding, a practice previously employed by the agency. Previously, if the SSA […]