EcoHealth Swindles Government Out of $100 Million Since 2008 

Andrii Yalanskyi /
Andrii Yalanskyi / shutterstock.comMillions of dollars in federal research grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) were awarded to the nonprofit EcoHealth ...Read More

Mitt Romney Proves How Out of Touch He Is with America

a katz /
a katz / shutterstock.comUtah Senator and RINO Mitt Romney isn’t running for reelection this year. But that doesn’t mean he’s about to stop trying to maintai ...Read More

RFK Jr. Lists a Fake Address as His Official Voting Address

Your Hand Please /
Your Hand Please / shutterstock.comIndependent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has listed a home in Katonah, New York, as his official voting residence. ...Read More

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Andy.LIU /
Andy.LIU / shutterstock.comThe House decided on Thursday that foreign nationals should be barred from voting in local Washington, D.C. elections. Cue the outra ...Read More

You Won’t Believe This: Top Democrat’s Radical Plan to Let Illegal Immigrants Vote

Phil Pasquini /
Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.comOh, Scranton, PA: the little town that could. Famous mostly for lending its charm to “The Office,” it’s also the supposed birthplace ...Read More

Scranton Snubs Biden: Hometown Discontent Rocks Re-Election Bid

Marso /
Marso / shutterstock.comThe unelected and unaccountable World Economic Forum (WEF) is now urging world governments to force every family to give up one of t ...Read More

WEF Demands ‘One Less Car’ for Every Household Including Yours, You Dirty Peasant

Worawee Meepian /
Worawee Meepian / shutterstock.comExplore some tips to help you budget your way through Bidenomics. Watch now:

WATCH: Bidenomics Leads to the Need for Better Budgeting

Studio 37 /
Studio 37 / shutterstock.comBy now, it’s no secret that Joe Biden’s mind has pretty much left. Sure, he has moments of lucidity. But they are few and far betwee ...Read More

Biden to Get Drug Cocktail Before Debates?

lev radin /
lev radin / shutterstock.comBorder chief Alejandro Mayorkas recently appeared at a speaking engagement with the Economic Club of Washington, DC. Facing a quiz f ...Read More

Border Chief Dodges Questions About Immigrant Death Rates

John Arehart /
John Arehart / shutterstock.comMississippi has become the tenth US state where women and girls are now protected from hairy male perverts in school restrooms. Effe ...Read More

Mississippi Bans Trans Bathrooms in Public Schools

Erik Lam /
Erik Lam / shutterstock.comIt has been said that the type of pet you have says a lot about your personality. What kind of pet person are you? Take our quick po ...Read More

Pets: They Say a Lot About You

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) first hit the political scene in 2019, she was quick to make use of clips from her time in colle ...Read More

Valentina Gomez Wants To Be the AOC of the GOP

megaflopp /
megaflopp / shutterstock.comJust months after 62-year-old Rick Slayman made medical history as the first person to survive receiving a genetically edited pig ki ...Read More

First Pig Kidney Transplant Recipient Buys the Farm Just Months Later

stock_photo_world /
stock_photo_world / shutterstock.comOh, brace yourselves, folks! Governor Abbott’s all giddy about reports of cops stampeding from California to Texas like it’s the wil ...Read More

Abbott’s Bold Move: Texas Welcomes Hundreds of Brave California Cops Escaping Soft Crime Policies

Drazen Zigic /
Drazen Zigic / shutterstock.comJoe Biden has done it again by saying the quiet part out loud. In 2020, he let it slip that Democrats had assembled the largest vote ...Read More

Saying the Quiet Part Out Loud: Biden Refers to Illegal Invaders as ‘Voters’