WATCH: Being Grammatically Correct Could Make You Racist

Undrey /
Undrey / shutterstock.comWhat is this world coming to? Now, your grammar is under attack. Apparently, knowing how to read and write is a handicap, and it cou ...Read More

Outrage Erupts as House Dem Staffer Posts ‘Don’t Miss Next Time’ After Trump Incident

Phil Pasquini /
Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.comA staffer for Democratic Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson has been fired after suggesting “shooting lessons” in the wake of an assas ...Read More

Oregon Hospitals’ Negligence Puts Thousands at Risk of Contracting Deadly Diseases

Cryptographer /
Cryptographer / shutterstock.comIn a shocking display of incompetence, thousands of innocent lives have been endangered due to gross negligence exhibited by medical ...Read More

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Carmen K. Sisson /
Carmen K. Sisson / shutterstock.comA correspondent for the Daily Show was left stunned after asking a focus group of black New Yorkers who they plan on voting for. Hal ...Read More

Black Voters Abandoning Joe Biden and the Democrats in Record Numbers

Stieglich /
Stieglich / creators.comBiden said recently that the debate is now behind him and that Trump is in a “bullseye.” At Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania on Saturda ...Read More

Trump Was in the Democratic “Bullseye” But is He Still There?

Billion Photos /
Billion Photos / shutterstock.comIn yet another alarming incident highlighting the vulnerability of digital privacy, researchers uncovered a staggering cache of stol ...Read More

Massive Security Breach Exposes 10 Billion Stolen Passwords

Serge Rocco /
Serge Rocco / shutterstock.comGeorge Clooney, an ardent supporter of Democrat causes, penned a scathing op-ed piece in The New York Times yesterday calling upon P ...Read More

Hollywood Elite Turn Against Biden After Disastrous Debate Performance

rfranca /
rfranca / shutterstock.comDuring every presidential election, we’re used to hearing someone claim that the other side of the political aisle wants to “cut Soc ...Read More

Biden Accelerates Draining of Social Security Because of Ukraine

MMD Creative /
MMD Creative / shutterstock.comThere’s been a lot of sudden speculation as to what is wrong with Joe Biden after his disastrous first debate with Donald Trump. Mos ...Read More

A Parkinson’s Doctor Is Listed Nine Times on the White House Visitor Logs

Anas-Mohammed /
Anas-Mohammed / shutterstock.comIn yet another attempt to deceive the world, Hamas claims it has approved a US-backed ceasefire plan in Gaza. This comes after they ...Read More

Hamas Negotiations – Another Empty Promise?

a katz /
a katz / shutterstock.comThis November, every vote is going to matter in the swing states that the Democrats stole in the 2020 election. Right as Joe Biden’s ...Read More

GOP Operatives Are on the Ground Working for Cornel West

Skylines /
Skylines / shutterstock.comThere could be a world war, a civil war, a nuclear fallout…who knows what we could be looking at in the near future. Many people are ...Read More

Prepping: It’s a Necessity in Today’s World

SolidMaks /
SolidMaks / shutterstock.comAs our society becomes increasingly volatile, many citizens are seeking ways to protect themselves without resorting to deadly viole ...Read More

Find Non-Lethal Way To Disable Attackers Without Guilt or Jail Time

BestStockFoto /
BestStockFoto / shutterstock.comCOVID tyranny has largely abated here in the United States, but that’s not true in other countries. Most of our leaders would like e ...Read More

German Doctor Sentenced to Years in Prison for Writing Patients COVID Shot Exemptions

Martin Pelanek /
Martin Pelanek / shutterstock.comIn a bizarre incident that has left authorities scratching their heads, a lone kinkajou – an unusual mammal resembling a hybrid of a ...Read More

The Great Kinkajou Conundrum: A Rainforest Native Lost in Central Washington