Education Secretary Gets Roasted For Wishing Students A Happy Pride Month And Promoting Safe Schools

In a recent post on X, the U.S. Department of Education commemorated Pride Month, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive and supportive educational environments. “Every student should feel safe attending school in America, free from discrimination & valued for who they are. That means creating welcoming & safe learning environments for every LGTBQI+ student & ensuring educators have resources to support LGBTQI+ young people. #Pride Month,” the department stated.

However, the post drew sharp criticism from several commentators who called for the abolition of the department. Corey DeAngelis responded directly, tweeting, “Abolish the Department of Education” and describing the post as “Free advertising for school choice.” Similarly, Joel Berry of the Babylon Bee expressed his disapproval, stating, “The Department of Education has been a disaster for children since the year it was founded. It needs to be abolished.”

Criticism also came from Jessica Taylor, who argued that the department’s policies are detrimental to the safety of female students. “What they really mean is every student should feel safe except girls. The ‘welcoming and safe learning environments’ for girls includes bathrooms filled with boys thanks to new Title IX regulations. We need to abolish the US Department of Education immediately,” Taylor tweeted.

Amid these critiques, the Department of Education’s social media profile features a background that includes the progressive Pride flag, underscoring their commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona also tweeted his support for LGBTQ+ students: “Happy Pride Month, and to all the educators and school staff who make our LGBTQ+ students feel welcome, thank you. We are in this fight together.”

The debate extends to the broader political arena, where GOP Rep. Mary Miller of Illinois criticized the current administration’s approach to education. “Teachers should not be discussing radical ‘gender theory’ and perverse topics with children behind their parents’ back. The Biden Administration is the most anti-parent administration in history,” she stated.

The discussion of the Department of Education’s role continues as stakeholders express differing views on its impact and the direction of educational policies in the United States.