WATCH: Being Grammatically Correct Could Make You Racist

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Undrey / shutterstock.comWhat is this world coming to? Now, your grammar is under attack. Apparently, knowing how to read and write is a handicap, and it could mean that you’re a white supremacist. Watch now:

Outrage Erupts as House Dem Staffer Posts ‘Don’t Miss Next Time’ After Trump Incident

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Phil Pasquini / shutterstock.comA staffer for Democratic Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson has been fired after suggesting “shooting lessons” in the wake of an assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump. Jacqueline Marshaw, Thompson’s field director, made the post soon after the attack at a Trump rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. “I don’t condone violence but please get you some […]

Oregon Hospitals’ Negligence Puts Thousands at Risk of Contracting Deadly Diseases

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Cryptographer / shutterstock.comIn a shocking display of incompetence, thousands of innocent lives have been endangered due to gross negligence exhibited by medical professionals at two major healthcare facilities in Portland, Oregon. A staggering number of approximately 2,400 individuals – comprising both past and present clients of Providence Healthcare Services as well as those affiliated with Legacy Health […]

Democrats Forced to Choose Between Green Agenda and Common Sense

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Andrey_Popov / shutterstock.comAs inflation climbs and most Americans struggle to afford the basic necessities, Democrats in the U.S. House are caught in a real pickle. They’re being pushed to oppose bills rolling back Biden’s household appliance regulations. Republicans claim these rules just make everything more expensive, leaving appliances out of reach for the average Joe. So now, […]

Idaho Libraries Ban Children Instead of Giving Up Gay Porn Books

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Samuel L Choi / shutterstock.comIdaho is one of the few states where parents and the legislature have taken concrete steps to protect children from the Democrat Party’s gay porn. A new law allows parents to sue a library and its staff for $250 if they expose children to a specific list of pornographic books and comics. Rather than just […]

Biden Flies Deported Cameroonians BACK to America

BUTENKOV ALEKSEI / shutterstock.comBack in 2019, President Donald J. Trump deported approximately 90 criminal illegal aliens from Cameroon back to their home country. If you need to pause for a second and look Cameroon up on Google Maps, go ahead. We’ll wait. The asylum claims of these foreign criminals were so ridiculously bad that they were rejected by […]

WATCH: The Withdrawal Rules for Your 401(k) Have Changed

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Towfiqu ahamed barbhuiya / shutterstock.comBidenomics has made it hard for many to survive. Cashing out some of your 401(k) can help to soften the blow. Find out about the latest withdrawal rules:

Octogenarian-in-Chief: How Biden’s Blunders Could Flip Congress

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Consolidated News Photos / shutterstock.comWell, folks, it looks like Joe Biden has once again fumbled the ball during the recent presidential debate, giving Democrats the perfect excuse to voice their ever-growing doubts about renominating him. Let’s face it: Biden’s physical and mental decline is painfully apparent, and while the thought of Kamala Harris taking the reins is enough to […]

FedEx is Spying on Millions of Americans in a Clearly Illegal Big Tech Plot

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Peter_Fleming / shutterstock.comIf you thought the federal government was out of control illegally spying on Americans during the Bush and Obama administrations, wait until you learn what’s happening on Joe Biden’s watch. It’s a massive illegal surveillance grid that would make even Edward Snowden blush with shame. The next time a FedEx truck rolls through your neighborhood […]

Great Shot: 72-Year-Old Florida Man Manages to Hit a Walmart Delivery Drone

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Aleksei Kochev / shutterstock.comAn elderly Florida man has been arrested after police say he successfully managed to shoot a Walmart delivery drone. Despite being nearly as old as Joe Biden, 72-year-old Dennis Winn still has all his faculties about him. Police say he shot the Walmart drone because he thought it was spying on him. Walmart was actually […]

WATCH: Social Security Could Be Saved, But…
Shutterstock.comWe always hear about how Social Security has a short life. That’s not actually true. But the feds have to stop using it as if they’re on a wild spending spree. Watch now:

America’s Finest Contributions To Global Obesity: From Cheese-Soaked Burgers To Deep-Fried Pizza!

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Tatjana Baibakova / shutterstock.comAs Americans, we take pride in many things – from our storied history to our unparalleled economic prosperity. But let’s be real, folks; what truly brings people together like a shared love of indulgent eats? Here are just a few beloved staples birthed right here in the good ol’ US of A: Cheeseburgers While its […]

Target Discovers That Allowing Mass Shoplifting is Bad for Its Bottom Line

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Pamela Brick / shutterstock.comTarget has finally reached the breaking point after allowing black shoplifters to have a four-year reprieve from consequences for their actions. Ever since the George Floyd terrorist attacks against America in 2020, Target has been allowing black shoplifters to freely steal up to $100 in merchandise. After Target lost a ton of money to institutional […]

Top Biden Donor, John Morgan, Sues Biden Aides After Debate

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JHVEPhoto / shutterstock.comJohn Morgan of Morgan & Morgan, is a lawyer and a top donor for the Biden campaign. However, he has taken extreme offense over what happened at the debate and has decided to sue three of Biden’s aides for “political malpractice.” According to Morgan, “Biden’s advisers failed him.” He goes on to explain how the […]

Washington D.C.’s Most Wanted Fugitives: Golfer Harassers, Skirtless Mopeds Riders, Pig Owners, and More

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Bankrx / shutterstock.comAs partisans continue to debate various facets of our nation’s broken criminal justice system, I’d argue that perhaps no aspect deserves greater scrutiny than the scourge of over-criminalization. While many would rather sidestep this thorny topic altogether – opting instead to tackle seemingly sexier subjects such as sentencing reforms or correctional facility improvements (both vital […]