Illegals Surge the Border Because Even They Believe Trump Will Win

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David Peinado Romero / shutterstock.comThe pace at which foreign invaders are hurling themselves at our wide-open southern border is accelerating as we head into the summer of 2024. The New York Post sent a reporter to the southern border to try to figure out why so many more are coming now, as compared to a year ago. The illegals […]

White House Won’t Confirm or Deny Whether Biden Will Be on Drugs for the Debates

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Framalicious / shutterstock.comPolitico actually asked the White House on Monday whether Joe Biden will be using performance-enhancing narcotics to sharpen his mental acuity during the June and September debates with President Trump. The response was kind of surprising. The White House is refusing to confirm or deny whether Biden will be jacked up on illegal drugs to […]

What’s Your Favorite Season?

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FrentaN / shutterstock.comEveryone has a favorite season, and we’re curious about yours. Take a quick poll: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Early Menopause Means Early Death?

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simonizt / shutterstock.comFor decades now, women have had to worry about going through “the change,” or menopause. A condition that often doesn’t start presenting itself until a woman is 45 to 55 years old, it signifies the end of their reproductive cycle. While this means the end of their menstrual cycle, it also means a myriad of […]

WATCH: Independent Voters Target Joe Biden’s Words

Biden’s own talking points are being used against him – independent voters have decided to show Americans who the current POTUS and presidential candidate really is. Watch now:

Mass. Officials Give Kids Rooms Alongside Sex Offenders

Yingna Cai /
Yingna Cai / shutterstock.comWhile Massachusetts officials refuse to give up their “sanctuary state” agenda, state officials along the southern border are more than happy to keep sending illegals to The Bay State. As concerned citizens are outraged at the level of services being stripped from their communities to provide for these illegals, a new report from the Boston […]

The Cane Is Mightier Than the Pistol

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Tricky_Shark / shutterstock.comMen who walk with a cane carry themselves differently. Not just using it to help them move around, many use their cane as an extension of themselves and for self-defense if the time comes where they need to. In an ABC 7 report, a California family discovered how mighty that cane can be. In Redlands, […]

NYC’s Mayor Wants To Make Illegals Lifeguards Since They Swam To Get Here

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New Africa / shutterstock.comMayor of New York City, Eric Adams, has big plans for making the most of his influx of illegal immigrants being delivered to the city every day. Integrating them into the American way of life and getting them sheltered has been incredibly difficult for them. Refusing to give up their title as a “sanctuary city,” […]

Jen Psaki Claims Biden Didn’t Check His Watch When Troop Caskets Came Home
Creators.comFormer White House press secretary Jen Psaki has a new book out that no one ever read, but which has caused a firestorm because of one of the lies she tells in it. Remember the videos and photographs of Joe Biden checking his watch when the caskets carrying 13 American servicemembers came home from Afghanistan? […]

Under 30? You’re Not Welcome Here: Bar’s Shocking Weekend Ban

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Nomad_Soul / shutterstock.comA bar in Groveport, Ohio, has stirred up a storm of controversy and cries of age discrimination by banning anyone under 30 on weekends. Donerick’s Pub thinks this will curb violence, especially after the circus-like spectacle of a naked brawl in their parking lot. Because clearly, kicking out millennials and Gen Z is the magic […]