Tesla’s Cybertruck a Cyberdump?

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wedmoments.stock / shutterstock.comWhen Technoking Elon Musk first unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, people expected it to be one of the best pickup ideas ever conceived. They expected this to be the sleek, fast, indestructible truck of the future. Instead, they got the boxy, sharp, sharp-lined truck nearly every 8-year-old kid in America drew at one point or […]

Proof: The DoD Has an Official Policy for Recovering Crashed UFO/UAPs

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TSViPhoto / shutterstock.comA surprisingly unredacted document from the Joint Chiefs was just released, which reveals that the Department of Defense has an official active policy for recovering crashed UFOs, otherwise known as “unidentified aerial phenomena” (UAPs). This release comes after years of unconfirmed suspicions that the US government or outside military contracting companies have been collecting and […]

Two Texas School Principals Indicted for Election Interference

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one photo / shutterstock.comTwo elementary school principals in Texas have been indicted for interfering in the Republican primary election that took place this year. The husband-and-wife team of principals works for the Denton Independent School District. 36-year-old Lindsay Luján and 33-year-old Jesús Luján are both charged with misdemeanor crimes after using their schools’ email system to encourage their […]

71-Year-Old Great-Grandmother Facing Imprisonment For Wandering Around the Capitol on January 6

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Lucky-photographer / shutterstock.comMeet Rebecca Lavrenz. She’s a God-fearing great-grandmother who owns a quaint bed and breakfast in Colorado. At 71 years old, she’s hardly someone you would think of as a rabble-rousing, protest-leading terrorist. But, thanks to the hard work of the Department of Justice, Americans can sleep easier knowing this face of rebellion is facing jail […]

POLL: What’s Really Happening with Kate Middleton?

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B. Lenoir / shutterstock.comKate Middleton’s disappearance from public events has led to countless #KateGate conspiracy theories. What’s really going on? Take our poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Botswana Threatens to Send 20,000 Elephants to Germany in Retaliation

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Rob T Smith / shutterstock.comGermany’s government is considering a proposal to ban the importation of elephant trophies from Botswana right now. That’s not sitting well with President Mokgweetsi Masisi, whose country has been successfully managing one-third of the planet’s savannah elephants for many years. Since Botswana has done such a great job of rehabilitating elephants since the 1980s, the […]

Biden’s FEMA Intentionally Makes House Insurance More Expensive for Floridians

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Shutter_M / shutterstock.comThe Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been causing problem after problem since Joe Biden took office. As the responding agency for federal disasters, they have a huge responsibility. Part of that responsibility is to hurricane victims. Now FEMA has taken away the 20-25% discount on flood insurance in Lee County, FL. With 125k property […]

Jimmy Fallon Had to Tell Biden to Stop Talking to the Easter Bunny

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Glebvideo / shutterstock.comThere are a few signs that usually signal someone is no longer of a sound mind. One of those is talking to oneself, no one, or imaginary figures on a regular basis. And for Joe Biden, it seems par for the course these days. In this case, he’s been caught talking to the Easter Bunny. […]

Discovery Underneath Baltimore’s Key Bridge Halts Salvage Operation Indefinitely

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StockPerfect / shutterstock.comThe salvage efforts at the site of the Francis Scott Key Bridge disaster in Baltimore hit a major snag this week. The MV Dali container ship that wiped out the bridge in a likely terrorist attack is pinned to the bottom of the Patapsco River by debris from the bridge. Engineers discovered over the weekend […]

Biden Humiliated as Mexico’s President Shows ‘Zero Respect’ with $20 Billion Demand

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Octavio Hoyos / shutterstock.comFormer President Donald Trump didn’t mince words when addressing Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s recent demands. Speaking to various news outlets, Trump trashed López Obrador’s insistence on $10 billion from the Biden administration to open discussions about border security, characterizing it as a disrespectful move toward President Joe Biden. Trump’s frustration was palpable as […]

Disney Waves the White Flag: Is It Really Over?

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chrisdorney / shutterstock.comIn a world where corporate giants and political titans clash, Disney’s own is embroiled in a drama worthy of its prime-time special. Under the watchful eyes of investors, the entertainment behemoth is scrambling to prove that it can navigate turbulent waters, all while locked in a high-stakes proxy duel with none other than activist investor […]

WATCH: Are “Preachy Females” the Problem with Biden’s Re-election Campaign?

Shutterstock.comBiden’s re-election campaign is failing. Now, rather than blaming it on Joe Biden himself, the campaign is blaming “preachy females.” Watch now:

Washington Implements Strippers Bill of Rights

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Aleksandr Rybalko / shutterstock.comWhen you think about nonsensical laws and particularly woke ones, few places have as many as Washington State. The latest is one ensuring a “strippers bill of rights.” Yes, you read that correctly. And it means pretty much what it sounds like. The state is offering more rights to the adult entertainment industry in the […]

Are You Happy Because of Your Age or Because of Something Else?

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Ground Picture / shutterstock.comIt has been said that those over 60 are happier than those under 30, but is there a reason for that? Take our poll now: Can’t see the poll? Click HERE.

Al Jazeera Caught Lying Yet Again To Rile the Natives in Gaza

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Gil C / shutterstock.comTame Qatari news outlet Al Jazeera was widely known for being one of the most accurate and unbiased news sources in the Middle East for decades. However, after Iranian-backed Hamas militants attacked Israel on behalf of Gaza, that all changed. Shifting from a strictly impartial network to a Muslim-first agenda, they have been going after […]