Gov. DeSantis (R-FL) Sounds Like South Park’s Mr. Garrison As He Trolls Pro-Hamas Protesters at UF

Andrew Cline /
Andrew Cline /

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) is one of very few Americans who are not only willing to step up against pro-Hamas protesters on college campuses but who do so willingly. With his administration unwilling to tolerate their activities and calling the plays on multiple campuses across the nation, he brought his message of intolerance directly to University of Florida (UF) protestors. Sounding like Mr Garrison from the cultural juggernaut South Park, he got on his soap box.

“You know, I wasn’t here after October 7 on the campus; I’m sure the protestors were all very upset at the fact that Hamas went into Israeli communities and baked babies in ovens, raped women, [and] assassinated elderly people in very brutal ways. I’m sure they were very upset about that — oh no, they weren’t. That’s right, they didn’t care about that. They were completely fine with those massacres happening, and they had no concern about that.”

Continuing to sound of support, he added, “There was an attempt to set up an encampment last week. And I know that we’ve seen this throughout the rest of the country where this has kind of become a common occurrence. Well, we don’t do that here in the state of Florida, and so, they did have an encampment, and it lasted about a few minutes.”

His recollection of events is accurate. UF President Ben Sasse had the protesters gathered up quickly. In a statement following their arrests, he made it simple. The UF campus is not “a daycare.” These protestors knew the rules for the campus, they broke them, and now they get to deal with the consequences.

It’s amazing how well DeSantis and UF President Sasse are willing to sweep in and protect the campuses from these protests. Perhaps they can also get them off the city streets.